Shazam! Set Images Offer a Closer Look at Sivana & Shazam

It seems like lightning really does strike twice; a day after a video leaked from the set of Shazam!, new images give a closer look at the villainous Sivana and the titular lead in action in the DC film.

Fans already know that Mark Strong will be playing the villainous Doctor Sivana, who will butt heads with Zachary Levi's Billy Batson, aka the superhero Shazam. After a teasing reveal of the hero's costume, audiences were treated to a video of Sivana and Shazam facing off while the Warner Bross movie films in Toronto. However, if it was over a little too quick, some other people got a better a look at the pair in full battle mode.

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Shared on Twitter by celebrity photographer Sean O'Neill and a Shazam fan account, the images show Levi's Shazam atop a police car, a menacing looking Strong walking on set, and one particular shot of Sivana lifting Shazam by his throat. Check them out, below:

Little bits of David F. Sandberg's movie are starting to leak off the Toronto set, and although the watermark is in the way, eagle-eyed viewers will be able to spot Thaddeus Sivana's signature scar. There is still, however, no official image of Levi in costume, leaving fans frustrated that they are reduced to blurry pictures taken through a long lens. That being said, you can start to carefully piece together a rough plot of what brings us to this scene. Previous videos have shown Levi's Shazam saving passengers on a bus, but even if all the previous images/videos are from this one scene, it doesn't exactly give much away other than a particularly long filming schedule for an action sequence.

Elsewhere, Strong's Sivana is being billed as equally mysterious, other than having some Force-like powers to throw some police officers to the ground. With the New 52 version of Sivana becoming a more sympathetic villain, will Sandberg take a leaf out of the MCU's book and give a Killmonger-inspired villain that audiences can relate to? In the wake of Warner Bros.' misstep with Justice League, the studio seems to be keeping its cards close to its chest with Shazam!. There is over a year until the movie's scheduled release, and it doesn't look like any form of marketing material is on the horizon just yet. However, with Shazam! shrouded in mystery, it is certainly keeping everyone talking.

Sandberg is certainly an unusual choice, swapping horror like Lights Out for a superhero action-comedy, but after the departure of big names like Joss Whedon and Zack Snyder from the DCEU, someone up there must have faith in the director. Alongside Suicide Squad and planned movies like Nightwing, Shazam! is a bold move away from the leading heroes that make up DC's Justice League. Given that comedy and comic book movies seem to be going hand-in-hand right now, here's hoping that it all pays off when Shazam! hits theaters.

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Source: Sean O'Neill, Shazam

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