Shazam! Movie Filmmakers Have Plans For Sequels

The filmmakers behind Shazam! already have plans for sequels. Now that DC Films is under new leadership again (this time it's Walter Hamada), there's a new outlook. He got the job after working on Shazam!'s development and all signs point to the film moving forward without any problems. Production wrapped earlier this year after filming primarily in Toronto, which provided several leaks from the set to show off Zachary Levi in costume. We've now started to get official stills from Shazam!, but this is just the beginning.

Whether it has been new looks at Levi as Shazam or the first image of young star Asher Angel as Billy Batson (a foster kid who gains superhero transformation abilities), Shazam! keeps providing news. After the first footage leaked online too, fans are eager to get a proper look at the latest DC hero. Those making the movie appear to be rather confident as sequel discussions are already happening.

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In the latest issue of EW, a multi-page story put the spotlight further on Shazam! Near the end of the story, producer Peter Safran was asked about the character's future and he teased a bright path ahead. When he was specifically asked about sequels and how they'll deal with Angel maturing quickly, he reassured that they're already thinking about it. He said, "We have plans in place for sequels that take into account those realities."

It isn't uncommon for studios, producers, and directors to have sequel discussions prior to a film coming out, but Safran openly talking about them is hopefully an indicator they're positive Shazam! is going to be a hit. This type of forward thinking on their part is a unique position for the film, though. Not only do they have to worry about Angel's look and voice changing as he matures, they also have Levi in the fold as the superhero version. Safran obviously didn't elaborate on their plans, but they should have it figured out by the time a Shazam! sequel becomes a bigger focus.

Even if Shazam! didn't get any sequels, this would still be something they'd have to deal with for any future appearance. It is possible that Levi could cameo in a film without Angel being present, but it could lose the kid superhero dynamic by not reminding everyone this is the manifestation of a teenager. However and whenever they get the chance to deploy these plans isn't confirmed so far, but we'll definitely know more if and when Shazam! is a success.

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Source: EW

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