Shazam! Movie: Second Trailer Rated, May Be Coming Soon [Updated]

Update: Shazam! director David F. Sandberg has since taken to Reddit to refute Trailer Track's report. He said the following: "Love the enthusiasm but there’s no new trailer yet. Just different versions of the existing one. And the almost 3 minute one that’s online is the longest with everything in it."

A brand new trailer for Shazam! has been rated and should arrive shortly. One of the biggest surprises of DC's slate is that Shazam! is actually going to hit its originally announced release date. The movie went through production quickly after hiring David F. Sandberg to direct early last year. Zachary Levi was cast to play the superhero half of the lead role, while Asher Angel plays Billy Batson's regular teenage boy self. The movie continued to surprise when Warner Bros. and DC officially released the first trailer at San Diego Comic-Con.

The trailer launch confirmed what fans had been told about Shazam!: this is the most lighthearted DC movie yet. There's plenty of plot points, jokes, and colors, with the second half excellently cut to Kendrick Lamar's "HUMBLE." Since the marketing campaign began, there's been a steady rollout of Shazam! info, and that appeared to be all fans would get for a while, with the movie not scheduled to hit theaters until next April.

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However, WB and DC continue to stay one step ahead when it comes to Shazam!'s marketing, as Trailer Track reports a brand new second trailer for the movie has been rated. This new look will actually be shorter than the first trailer (which ran for nearly three minutes), clocking in at 2 minutes and 22 seconds. With the trailer now rated, it's expected to debut online any day now, just in time for it be shown in theaters prior to Venom.

Shazam Billy Batson Movie

Many did not expect a second trailer for Shazam! to arrive this quickly, and possibly before the second one for Aquaman - which WB is releasing nearly four months before Shazam! As of right now, they've had the exact same amount of press coverage, but it appears it will be Shazam! that gets its second trailer first. And, since the studio elected to come out of the gate with an oversized first trailer instead of a teaser, the still long two-plus minutes of footage that the new trailer will hold could really open up Sandberg's vision.

Since it's unknown what exactly will be shown in the next trailer, fans should be ready to see more of the same. One area that may be different is the actual transformation Billy goes through to become Shazam. Sandberg previously confirmed that the CGI design from the first trailer isn't final, so that could be one example of a change the new trailer could highlight. Since the first trailer was so heavily focused on the two leads, it would be nice to see more of the film's villain Doctor Sivana (Mark Strong) in the new footage, and maybe even an example of his powers. Whatever the new Shazam! trailer ultimately holds, it appears everyone will get to see it soon.

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Source: Trailer Track

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