Shazam Director Reveals The Mistake Everyone Missed

Shazam Movie Worried Face

You don't make a movie as big and effects-heavy as Shazam! without a few mistakes slipping by, but the director has now detailed one massive slip-up that fans completely missed--but won't ever overlook again.

Hard to imagine as this movie mistake may be, it only makes sense that in a film filled with DC Easter Eggs, and dealing with a magical champion, a lightning-shooting supervillain, and eventually an entire family of superheroes, nobody would be paying attention to the background of effects shots. Thankfully, neither were the Shazam! audiences, either, since few have called out the scene in question--or its hilarious mistake.

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Director David F. Sandberg has offered a few glimpses behind the scenes since the film hit theaters, and the home video release looks to offer up even more secrets. Less secretive than some of his colleagues, the director has shed light on the Shazam! deleted scene teasing Black Adam blaming pacing, and ending a movie sooner, rather than later. Oh, and then there's the Frankenstein cartoon he personally voiced before it was scrapped. But in his latest YouTube upload, Sandberg spoke at greater length about the idea of filmmaking as 'solving problems,' a point he makes in Shazam's commentary track. One illustrated perfectly by the countless hours spent erasing the effects team behind Zachary Levi... only to miss the half-dozen crew members standing a few feet away:

Shazam Movie Mistake Crew Members

Those interested in Sandberg's entire breakdown can watch the full video on YouTube, but we've highlighted the director's screenshots above. After painstakingly erasing the effects team and rig simulating Billy's attempted takeoffs, there was no time to digitally erase the crew staring at the proceedings. But add in shopping bags and a mop bucket and garbage cart, and the onlookers are passable... provided you aren't paying close attention to them. Their indifference to the panicked crowds can never be explained away, but such is the art of movie making.

Sandberg goes on to explain that while the average moviegoer might assume this is the standard case of "fixing problems" on a movie set, they can get bigger and smaller. And, in a lighthearted conclusion, notes that problem solving can often lead audiences to assume meaning, storytelling, or brilliant symbolism where the main priority was just keeping logic from breaking entirely. But that doesn't make the above goof any less fun, or any less satisfying for Shazam! fans to point out upon their next viewing.

Shazam! is available now digitally, and will be coming to Blu-ray and DVD on July 16th, 2019. The Blu-ray special features include a gag reel, deleted scenes, an exclusive Shazam! motion comic, and a selection of behind the scenes featurettes.

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