Shazam! Set Video Pits Mark Strong Against Zachary Levi

Mark Strong's Doctor Sivana picks a fight with Zachary Levi in a new set video for Shazam! Filming is well underway on Warner Bros. and New Line's next DC movie. With the crew setting up shop in Toronto, director David F. Sandberg and company were able to make some headway without leaks from the set. The attention on such leaks wouldn't be as big of a deal, but they did provide us with the first look at Levi in costume.

In the initial leak, the photo also teased the presence of Strong's Doctor Sivana, while also revealing a Christmas setting for the movie. Set videos have since shown Levi in action saving passengers on a bus, and busting out his celebratory dance moves after a successful mission. However, the latest look at the set shows why Shazam was called to action to begin with.

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Twitter user @Captain_Hudson shared a video from the set of Shazam! that features Doctor Sivana arriving to the scene. Although the quality is great, the video still shows Sivana casting his arm towards a group of cops who go flying - the result of his CGI powers that will be added in post-production. He's already attacked Shazam too, as Levi can be seen laying on top of the crushed cop car, before rolling off to the side, and popping back up.

— jeremy r! hudson (@Captain_Hudson) March 7, 2018

Even though this video surfaced after the original one, this could be taking place before. Sivana attacking the bus gives Shazam a reason to save these people, unless something else forces Shazam to be the hero only for Sivana to come in at the end. The latter doesn't give Sivana much of a reason to be included in the season, so we'd figure the former explanation is what is happening here. Strong's villain doesn't appear to have much of a super-villain costume at this point, merely wearing a heavy winter coat to combat the weather.

Unfortunately, the video doesn't show much of the actual altercation, only teasing fans of what is to come. Now that there's been multiple leaked photos and videos, hopefully Warner Bros. won't be waiting too much longer to release official stills of the cast. We know they've already decided when the reveal will be, and unfortunately not everyone is thrilled with how the suit looks so far. Releasing an official still could help change that, and give people further reason to be excited for what Shazam! has to offer.

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Source: Jeremy Hudson

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