New Shazam! Movie Image May Tease DCEU Aquaman Nod

Shazam and Aquaman

Shazam!'s latest image hints at a fun reference to James Wan's Aquaman. The latest to come out from the Warner Bros. superhero film franchise centers on Jason Momoa's half-Human/half-Atlantean Arthur Curry, who claims his place as the rightful king of Atlantis. Next on the docket comes David F. Sandberg's project introducing the newest hero in the DCEU, Shazam, played by Zachary Levi alongside Asher Angel, who plays the character's human alter-ego, young Billy Batson. The two take on the movie's main villain - Mark Strong's Doctor Sivana.

Not much is known regarding the specific plot points of Shazam!, but it promises to have a  a more lighthearted and family-friendly tone - different from previous films fans have seen in the DCEU. Aquaman, in itself, was already a departure from the dark and gritty vibe that the public associates with DC movies. This gives the upcoming Warner Bros. superhero flick the opportunity to playfully reference other heroes in the same universe, and it looks like one such nod will be made to Arthur's ability to talk to fish, as revealed in the latest photo from Shazam!.

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From the current issue of Empire (via DC Films United) comes a brand new promotional still from Shazam!, featuring the titular character - and his best friend Freddy Freeman (Jack Dylan Grazer) - seemingly scrutinizing a small aquarium. It appears likely that Shazam is trying to talk with the fish in the bowl Aquaman-style, which would certainly make for a hilarious scene in the movie. Check it out below:

Based on what's been shown in the trailers and promo spots so far, it's possible that Freddy and Billy are trying out a wide range of powers in order to see which ones Shazam is capable of. During the grocery heist sequence, the best buds realize that the hero is bullet-proof like Superman and at one point, they were testing out whether or not he can also fly like him. Given that talk of Aquaman's existence may have been swirling for a quite a while by then if Shazam! is set after the events of Arthur's standalone, it makes sense that Freddy and Billy are wondering if Shazam can talk to fish like the King of Atlantis is said to be capable of.

Looking at the slate of Warner Bros.' upcoming superhero films, it seems like they're trying to move away from team-up and ensemble projects and focus on character stories. Aquaman was a self-contained narrative with very few references to the bigger DCEU. Fans can expect the same thing with Shazam!, but with a little bit more awareness that it inhabits a world where Superman, Batman and the rest of the Justice League exist. These fun references are a great way to establish a connection between the dual-personality hero and the larger DCEU, considering that he's a brand new character and has yet to interact with any other heroes in the franchise. As to when he'll eventually rub elbows with World's Finest, no word yet, but Levi is excited for that time to come.

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Source: Empire (via DC Films United)

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