Leaked Shazam! Footage Reveals First Look At The Superhero In Action

Leaked behind-the-scenes footage from Shazam! offers up the first look at the upcoming DC movie in action. While it wasn't too long ago that many doubted if Shazam! was even happening, the project is now in a position where filming is finished and marketing is beginning. The production was heavily covered due to set photos showing looks at Zachary Levi in costume, but Warner Bros. changed the plans for the first official look. That finally came this past week with the first photo showing Levi in Shazam! and it looks to be just the start.

This week is San Diego Comic-Con and Shazam! looks ready to have a presence. The film's cinematographer confirmed a Shazam! trailer will be shown, but it is unknown if it will be released online. If it doesn't, only a select group will get to see official footage from the movie. But, some footage from a leaked featurette for Shazam! has made its way online.

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The leaked footage comes out of the Odessa International Film Festival according to Instagram account fan_dc.marvel, who uploaded two different sections of the leak. There's plenty of small details that can be seen in the footage, as well as dubbed interviews with Levi and the film's director David F. Sandberg.

One of the first scenes that is shown is seeing the first photo from Shazam! come to life. Levi's Shazam and Jack Dylan Grazer's Freddy Freeman enjoy their soda in the footage, while concept art for the scene teases Shazam stopping a robbery moments before. Levi looks to be having a great time on set, even recreating a famous scene from Tom Hanks' Big - which the film has often been likened to. As a whole, Freeman is in the footage quite a bit and typically shown interacting with the superhuman alter ego of Billy Batson (Asher Angel). The second clip actually shows Angel say the magic word, but it doesn't appear to be his voice thanks to the dub. Thankfully, Angel's already let fans hear him say the phrase before.

The footage also holds a few teases of Shazam!'s main villain, Doctor Sivana (Mark Strong). He's shown pushing police officers to the side in what appears to be the same scene from earlier set videos. There's even a great quick shot of Shazam throwing a punch and Sivana appearing to stop it with his own hand. However, Sivana is hardly the focus for the featurette, as it does a good job establishing the tone and look of Shazam!, even with bad quality and dubbed voices. With SDCC just around the corner, hopefully an official look at this movie will be made public.

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Source: fan_dc.marvel

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