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Shazam John Glover

24. Lionel Luthor Fathers Another Supervillain

If you're a fan of DC Comics, you know actor John Glover, even if the role is different. But one thing is for sure: when Shazam! begins by driving home just how awful the Sivana family is to young Thaddeus, his insulting father is going to feel... familiar. For more reasons than it seems at first, as a matter of fact, since he possesses an innate believability in the role of a man responsible for raising a future supervillain.

Most DC fans will know Glover for his time as Lionel Luthor, father of Lex Luthor in the TV series Smallville--where he was also a corporate genius, also had a complicated relationship with his twisted, villainous, bald son, and also got what was coming to him. Hey, when it works, it works.

23. The Rock of Eternity's Magic Mirror

Shazam Movie Mirror Easter Egg

Even for casual fans, it's easy to tell that when Billy Batson steps out of his subway train and into the magical Rock of Eternity, he's picking his way through some of the most iconic magical relics and artifacts that the DC Comics Universe has to offer. Thankfully, audiences don't need to look too hard to see how the movie has adapted the same locations and artifacts from Geoff Johns' New 52 comic book.

The easiest to spot is the enormous gilded mirror propped near the entryway. As tempting as it will be for the fairy tale fans to see this as a nod to the "mirror mirror on the wall" from the classic Snow White story, the mirror is actually host to its own entity, named Francesca. The face in the mirror doesn't appear in the movie, but that's doesn't mean she won't in the future.

22. Mr. Mind's Famous Glass Jar

We wish we could give a clear explanation of the fiddle burning with magical flames next to Francesca's mirror, beyond an assumed connection to the Roman Emperor Nero fiddling as the city burned. And the same goes for the golden helmet positioned nearby (it isn't the Helmet of Nabu, unfortunately for Doctor Fate fans). But one item that looks practically identical to the comics is the glass case holding the devious caterpillar Mr. Mind.

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The changes are worth noting, of course: the Wizard of the movie seems to be far more generous a jailer than his comic book counterpart. Where Mr. Mind was held inside a glass flask, inside a glass case, the movie version is given greenery to perch upon (and presumably eat). It worked out terribly for both of them, in the end.

21. The Ibistick of Ibis The Invincible

Helmet of Fate and Ibistick in Constantine

No, once again, the Helmet of Fate doesn't make an appearance in the Shazam! movie's version of the Rock of Eternity (not that we can spot, anyway). The above image is taken from NBC's Constantine, and the relic fans should be paying close attention to is the golden scepter located behind the Helmet. That triangular-topped golden wand is the real treasure, and actually CAN be seen in the Rock of Eternity's entryway.

The scepter is known as the Ibistick, and it is the key magical device used by Ibis the Invincible. He's a Golden Age throwback if there ever was one, first appearing in 1940 in the pages of Fawcett Comics (the same birthplace as Billy Batson). It's a clever throwback to fans of the early days of fantasy and magic adventure comics, but we wouldn't expect this Egyptian prince to be awoken by the Ibistick in our modern world any time soon.

20. The History of Black Adam

What started as a common thread between Man of Steel, Wonder Woman, and Justice League has now become a full blown touchstones for any DCEU movie. We're referring to the tendency of the films to pause their plots, and enjoy a flashback or expositional sequence usually involving storytelling, recounting of history, and often employing a wondrous physical medium or art style to do it.

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Shazam! is no exception, as the Wizard scatters glowing gold energy from his staff to tell his story through a magical moving diorama. The story tells Billy about the Council's previous champion, and his work in destroying all of them save the Wizard Shazam. Fans know that this fallen champion is none other than Black Adam. And even if Dwayne Johnson has yet to appear as Black Adam, enemy to Shazam, it's nice to see him play a role in the story all the same.

19. Fawcett Central School (Formerly Comics)

The movie brings many scenes from Geoff Johns' 2011 comic reboot to life exactly as they're depicted on screen, but it also preserves one of the biggest changes that series made to the original. Previous to that series the heroes of the Shazam Family resided in Fawcett City, USA. It was a nod to the original Fawcett Publications than created and published stories starring Billy Batson, then known in his superhero identity as "Captain Marvel." The rebooted comic lifted the action to Philadelphia, and the movie does the same.

The fimmmakers still found a way to pay homage to the character's beginnings, however, by having Billy and the rest of the foster kids attend Fawcett Central, a school named in honor of the first publisher to make Captain Marvel a superhero rivaling even Superman in his golden years.

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