Shazam Producer Teases 'Big' News Coming Soon

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The DC Extended Universe's schedule continues to shift to accommodate for the announcement of new projects and delays of others. While some characters are getting spinoffs announced like Harley Quinn's Gotham City Sirens, some characters' solo films, such as Ezra Miller's The Flash, continue to go without good news. Then there is Shazam, a project that was announced back in 2014 and has had Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson attached to play Black Adam, pretty much ever since then.

Despite having one of the biggest Hollywood stars (both figuratively and literally) in line to star, there has been hardly any news about the project or Black Adam's future. This could be changing however, with one of the film's producers recently teasing a promising meeting with DC regarding the future of the project and Black Adam.

Hiram Garcia, a producer for Shazam!, took to Twitter to tease the end of a meeting with DC with a concentration on WB's often-forgotten project. While he did not go into great, or even little, detail about the meeting actually entailed, he did tease that "big" news is coming soon.

Great meeting today at @dccomics talkin' #Shazam #BlackAdam & more! Big things are coming. Get ready #JustSayTheWord

— Hiram Garcia (@hhgarcia41) January 11, 2017

The timing of this meeting and tease of more news incoming is interesting, as it was no more than a few weeks ago that The Rock and Henry Cavill teased a DC collaboration of their own. That tease was met with a lot of interest from fans, some of which spawned fan art imagining how Black Adam and Superman's fight would play out. Garcia and presumably the rest of the producing team are meeting with DC now to discuss what the future holds for the Shazam movie itself, as well as how to capitalize on The Rock's growing stardom.

Hopefully this meeting was extremely productive by all accounts and the film can now move forward to find a director and the rest of the cast. Johnson is surely going to be the headliner regardless of who else joins the film, but it is not his film. This is a Shazam-focused movie with Black Adam appearing as the antagonist. If the plan is to turn Black Adam into more of an anti-hero in order to give The Rock a bigger role, than maybe this meeting was to discuss the possibility of him appearing in Justice League 2Man of Steel 2, or a different DCEU project. Regardless of when he appears, hopefully Shazam's producers will be able to deliver on the promise of announcing news soon - to get people once again interested in this film.

Source: Hiram Garcia

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