How Shazam! Connects To The DCEU Movies So Far

Shazam Confirms The DCEU's Magical Realm

By now anyone who has watched the trailers for Shazam! has seen how accurately The Wizard and his base of operations, The Rock of Eternity, have been adapted to film. Not only based on the visual design, wardrobe, and dialogue, but by the central semi-circle of stone thrones... with only The Wizard Shaman left to sit in them. During our visit to the set we were more than a little surprised, since the comics offer an explanation for the empty seats that we didn't expect the first Shazam! movie to tackle.

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Thanks to Justice League, Wonder Woman, and Suicide Squad, general audiences know that the DCEU is home to real, honest to goodness magic, used by gods like Ares and Zeus, and even dark, occult forces like Enchantress, and more. At least... it used to be. In both the comics - and apparently the movie as well - The Wizard's home base was once the site of The Council of Eternity: a group of Earth's most magical beings, from ancient cultures spread across the globe. But when Billy arrives, only Shazam remains. When we asked director David F. Sandberg if the similarities were out of service or the confirmation of lore known to most DC fans, he didn't mince words:

Oh, yeah. Yeah, because the wizard has this whole backstory and this whole 'protecting the realms against the sins' [mission]. Yeah, we definitely allude to that.

That's the Seven Deadly Sins Sandberg is referring to, which the latest Shazam! TV spot also confirmed would be appearing in the film. And as we suspect based on the broken rock we see elsewhere in the trailers, the otherworldly, magical villains that explain why Billy Batson only becomes Shazam NOW.

Shazam! is In Its Own Magical Corner of The DCEU

It's too soon to tell just how much of the Council of Eternity's members, the reason for their origin, or their past champions will be explicitly shown, and what will simply be "alluded" to for now. Either way, it's the planting of a major seed in the DC movie universe. One that could grow well beyond the Shazam! films alone--especially with a confirmed Black Adam movie still somewhere in development with Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson starring. But for now, fans shouldn't get ahead of themselves.

Sandberg may get the chance to dig into those storylines in a sequel, but at this point, he's focused on making the origin story he was hired to tell. And while Shazam! may acknowledge the other movies that precede it, this still isn't following a Marvel model. If this is the first DC movie to catch your or your family's attention, don't hesitate to walk into the theater without fearing you've 'missed' some pivotal story:

When I came on board it was like, "Yeah, we're doing a standalone Shazam movie." And I know the project has, I think, existed in various forms before, but I haven't really--I'm not really familiar with all of that. This movie's mostly just about introducing Billy Batson and Shazam, and who he is, how he came to be. It takes place in this DC world where all these heroes exist, but in some ways... it's both sort of self-contained, while also being a part of something bigger.

How much effort was there to make sure it worked self-contained ? In Justice League, that movie works better if you've seen other movies before it. So how much did you think of that as you were developing the movie?

No, in that case, it's very standalone. Like, you don't have to have seen any of the other films, because it's its own, contained story, really. It's just more the world of [DC movies] that's part of it.

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