How Shazam! Connects To The DCEU Movies So Far

Warning: minor SPOILERS for Shazam!

Whether movie fans are hoping that Shazam! will help to "reboot" the DCEU or honor the movies that came before, they all want to know the same thing: how much will Shazam! fit the continuity established in the Justice League movie universe so far?

The answer is one that will most likely please fans across the board, as unlikely as that may seem. When we got the chance to visit the set of Shazam! both cast and crew were in agreement as to Billy Batson's place in the world of Batman, Superman, and the rest of DC's heroes. But the most exciting comments didn't address how Shazam! will confirm or contradict the DC movies that preceded it... but how it opens up the door to the magical side of the DCEU. The same one fans hope to see explored in future films like New Gods, Justice League Dark, and more. Trust us, Shazam! may confirm more than you think.

Shazam's Characters Watched Man of Steel Happen

The question of how and where Shazam! crossed over with Man of Steel, Batman v Superman, and Justice League was a popular one on our visit, considering how fundamental that was to Marvel Studios, in creating an explicitly common universe. Even if Henry Cavill's future as Superman is a mystery, Shazam! star Zachary Levi says that's the version of the Man of Steel that the characters in the movie know. Because that's the same story they've been watching play out in their world along with the audience:

We are definitely within the DCEU world. Everything that has happened - again, you should ask the people above me about some of these things - but the bulk of... I think since the Man of Steel, all of that has really happened in our world. Freddy is more the comic book--not just comics, he is the superhero aficionado. That guy is all about it. All of that stuff, theoretically, we could have been watching on the news as it was going down.

Oddly enough, Billy isn’t a big superhero aficionado. Billy’s been so obsessed with trying to find his parents, trying to find his family. And he’s lived on the streets quite a few times in between all that. To him, that stuff is going on, but he’s not caring so much about that.

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Shazam and Justice League

That similarity - fans watching Zack Snyder's Justice League take shape, and the movie characters doing the same - extends to the merchandise sold to "aficionados" like Freddy Freeman. His t-shirts and Batman v Superman souvenirs were revealed in official photos, but director David F. Sandberg says it extends to one scene in particular, when Shazam and the villain Dr. Sivana crash into a toy store filled with Justice League products:

I mean, everything exists that we had in there. It's all these DC toys--they're all real DC toys that are in there. I mean, for some [the studio/producers] were like, "Hey, you can't have that character, because that character's not in the universe yet. You have to stick to these characters."

The odds of seeing Shazam join the Justice League are unclear for now, but if this film's connection to the DCEU feels similar to Suicide Squad's, that's no accident. We also learned that not only would Shazam! also occupy its own, dark corner of the movie universe, but it would also give fans a glimpse into the larger, magical world of the DCEU.

In which case... potential SPOILERS ahead?

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