Wonder Woman, Harley Quinn, Batman, and Superman all make Shazam! movie cameos in new leaked set photos, but only in toy form. Warner Bros. is looking to once again excite people about the future of their DC movie universe, and have multiple projects on the horizon that can achieve that goal. The biggest surprise has to be Shazam!, as the character is definitely not a household name and it long looked like the project wasn’t even going to happen.

Not only were people questioning the status of Shazam! just over a year ago, there were also questions about if it would be connected to the DC film universe at all. The movie is coming from New Line (a Warner Bros. production label) instead of the main branch of WB. Leaked audition tapes then confirmed that it would certainly reference other DCEU events, while rumors persist of Henry Cavill’s Superman appearing to further tie it all together.

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Thanks to new set photos from Shazam!, even more DCEU connections have now been confirmed. PotbellyGamers (via Batman-News) shared two photos from the set of Shazam. The photos appear to be from the same mall location that gave us the first set photo of Zachary Levi in his Shazam! costume, and is reportedly the setting for a major action sequence. The user didn’t share further looks at the costume or the action, but did get a photo of the inside of a toy shop – one that features plush dolls of Wonder Woman, Batman, Superman, and… Harley Quinn. As if that wasn’t enough, is that tiger a stuffed animal too, or could it just be Tawky Tawny?

After saving the world from Doomsday, and then again from Steppenwolf, it is easy to understand why DC’s Trinity would have toys for sale. Superhero merchandise would obviously be a huge business in this world, and if the movie does take place around Christmas, they would make for perfect gifts for children in this universe. What is weird is the lack of Aquaman, Flash, and Cyborg toys. They were just as involved in stopping Steppenwolf, but maybe they aren’t as well known at this point given the location of their final showdown.

The only odd inclusion here is arguably Harley Quinn. In this world, she is a psychopath whose only heroic moments came during a top secret mission. The general public shouldn’t know that she is more of an anti-hero at this point, and as a result definitely shouldn’t be looking to buy toys of her. The toy also features Harley Quinn’s Jester costume, and not the one she actually wears in the DCEU. In fact, the same can be said for all of the toys: Wonder Woman’s costume is full of color, Superman has the red underwear, and Batman looks to have a hint of yellow. Who knows why any of this is the case or even if we will actually be able to see these toys during the movie – but it could raise further questions if we do.

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Source: PotbellyGamers (via Batman-News)

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