Shazam! Suit Reveal is 'Right Around the Corner,' Says Director

Shazam! director David F. Sandberg indicates the wait is nearly over with the reveal of Zachary Levi's superhero suit 'right around the corner.'

Director David F. Sandberg teases Shazam!'s suit reveal is coming very soon. Just a year ago, many doubted that Shazam was even going to happen, but now it will be a turning point for the DC movie universe. Helmed by the Lights Out director, the movie will bring a lighthearted approach to DC's movie lineup. It will also mark the first film to be made and developed by DC Films' new leader, Walter Hamada. Revolving around a young boy by the name of Billy Batson (Asher Angel) who gains superpowers, Shazam! is going to be like Tom Hanks' Big.

When Billy calls upon the power of Shazam, he will be transformed into a grown man, played by Zachary Levi. Despite production already beginning, there's yet to be a reveal of what Levi looks like in the costume. It was only just revealed the influence from which the design drew. But, it appears the actual first look should arrive soon.

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Sandberg took to Reddit as he often does and once again received questions about movie. Instead of asking him when the reveal will come, one user wondered if the studio had decided when the reveal would happen. As it turns out, yes they have. It could've happened already, but after getting lucky during filming, they know when the reveal will happen - Sandberg isn't ready to divulge that information however.

WB have already decided yes. Actually if someone had managed to snap a shot of the suit last week when we were shooting outside they would have released an official pic right away. Since we got away with it they want to do more of an official thing. And it’s right around the corner...

While we wait for the actual suit reveal, Levi continues to taunt fans with pictures of him getting his hair ready for Shazam scenes:

Gettin muh herrr did. ?‍♀️?

— Zacovfefe (@ZacharyLevi) February 21, 2018

This comment confirms that the promotional photo of Levi in costume is ready to be shared, but the studio is simply waiting for the right time. There's no telling when that will happen, but Sandberg seemingly ruled out the reveal coming in February. This would mean at least another week of waiting at this point. Fans are anxiously waiting to see what the suit looks like, but also how Levi fits in the role. Potentially making the wait more unbearable is Sandberg saying there was a missed opportunity to get the reveal last week.

Whenever the suit is revealed, there likely won't be much buildup. Sandberg gave a very brief tease that a big Shazam announcement was on the way when Levi's casting became official. He could very well do the same thing here. Then again, the official social media accounts for DC, Warner Bros., or New Line could randomly drop the first look any day now. This doesn't give fans much to go on, but at least everyone can rest assured that the wait is almost over.

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Source: Reddit, Zachary Levi

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