Shazam: Every Comic Moment Adapted For The Movie

Shazam The Wizard and The Rock of Eternity

4. The Rock of Eternity and The Wizard

The entirety of the Rock of Eternity set and the statues depicting the Seven Deadly Enemies of Men are taken straight from the classic Captain Marvel comics of the 1940s. In the 2013 revamp, part of DC's New 52 reboot, rather than having statues, the Seven Deadly Sins were depicted through a series of magical holograms. Otherwise the design is true to the form seen in the Shazam! revamp comics. The appearance of the wizard Shazam (played by Djimon Hounsou) is also modeled on Gary Frank's designs and brought to life with amazing accuracy. This further emphasizes Sandberg and DC Films' hopes to adapt not only DC's version of Shazam but the classic version of the character as well. That's why Sivana was chosen as the villain.

3. Billy And Freddy Break An ATM

Shazam Billy and Freddy Break An ATM

Freddy Freeman is the first person Billy reveals his superpowers to in both the comics and the trailer. In both instances, the two teens immediately start trying to find ways to profit from Billy's empowerment (after first testing out what Billy's powers are, of course). This leads to Freddy suggesting that Billy try and use his magic to get an ATM to pay out. In both instances, Billy is unable to stop the machine from spitting out a shower of dollar bills once it starts. Perhaps they'll use some of that money to buy the beer and snacks they've been wanting.

2. Billy And Freddy Stop A Convenience Store Robbery

Shazam Movie Soda Snacks Comic Origins

Perhaps the greatest moment of the first trailer came when two unfortunate criminals try and rob a convenience store while Billy and Freddy are inside of it, trying to decide what brand they should buy after hitting upon the idea of using Billy's older alter ego to buy some beer. It is here that Billy discovers that he is bulletproof and makes quick work of the crooks. The scene plays out similarly in the comics, though Billy just knocks out a single robber from behind and doesn't throw anyone through a window. The robber also never gets a chance to fire his gun in the comics. Both scenes still end with the same payoff - Billy accepting as much soda and junk food as he and Freddy can carry off as a reward for his good deed.

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1. The Villain Catches Billy's Punch

Shazam Billy's Punch Is Caught

While Billy starts off thinking that his new powers make him completely invincible, he learns the truth the hard way after his first encounter with a supervillain. In the comics, Billy is shocked when his best punch is easily caught by an enraged Black Adam. The same thing happens in the first Shazam! trailer, with Dr. Sivana catching Billy's fist the first time Shazam confronts the mad scientist. The only difference is that the comic shows the catch from Billy's point-of-view, whereas the movie trailer shows us Zachary Levi's face so that audiences can see Billy's response to the revelation that someone else is as strong as he is.

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