Shazam! Movie Cast Poses With Batman in New Photo

As filming continues on David F. Sandberg's Shazam!, the younger members of the cast have shared a picture with Batman - just not the Affleck version.

Zachary Levi will star as Bill Batson, the boy-turned-superhero who inherits the ancient powers of Shazam. Described as Big meets Superman, the story will follow young Batson before he takes on the Shazam mantle, with Levi playing his adult form. Since his inception in 1940, Shazam has crossed paths with many notable DC names, and it looks increasingly likely that some of these could also pop up in Sandberg's movie.

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Taking to Instagram, star Jovan Armand (who plays Pedro Pena) shared the snap of him and his co-stars with a nod to Batman. While it sadly isn't the DCEU's Ben Affleck, the young actors are seen alongside an imposing statue of the Caped Crusader standing tall next to them.

Duh-nuh-nuh-nuh-nuh-nuh-nuh-nuh, BATMAN.🦇⚡️

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It doesn't look like this is off the set of the movie, so perhaps the kids could be doing some DC research while taking a break from filming. Interestingly though, some fans are speculating that this could be another hint of a possible Batfleck appearance in Shazam!.

Everyone remembers that Affleck had a brief - albeit important - cameo in David Ayer's Suicide Squad, and there were already rumors that some familiar comic book faces will show up alongside Levi and Mark Strong thanks to some leaked toy designs. However, while Affleck's Batman continues to be a major part of the DCEU, the more prominent rumor is that Henry Cavill will appear as Superman and link to Dwayne Johnson's arrival as Black Adam.

The boys could just be having a bit of fun, but Sandberg shared a cryptic post back in November that led to wild speculation of the Dark Knight's appearance. Although Batman isn't due to show up again until Matt Reeves' The Batman, the DCEU could start weaving its stories closer together as the MCU has become famous for. However, let's not forget that the movie is called Shazam, so expect an appearance from the likes of Superman or Batman to be relatively minor or to possibly set up a sequel/their own standalone movies.

Filming is currently underway in Toronto, and while any super secret superhero cameo will try to be kept under wraps, spoiler hounds are usually pretty good and ruining the surprise if the likes of Cavill or Affleck appeared on set. Alongside a full look at Levi in costume, more details are slowly starting to emerge about the comedic action movie as Shazam! heads towards its April 2019 release date.

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Source: Jovan Armand

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