The Shazam Movie: A Few Answers Spark More Questions

If you haven't heard, Peter Segal, director of the upcoming Shazam movie, recently let it be known that a script for the film isn't even done being written by scribes John August and William Goldman, largely due to the WGA strike.

Now, we could all sit around complaining about why Shazam isn't moving ahead quickly enough, but I propose a more stimulating solution: what do YOU think Shazam should be?

I mean, this isn't Superman we're talking about here: most of the people who will pack into theaters however many summers from now to see this flick, will STILL be thinking that they're seeing a movie about a guy who's just like Superman, only with red tights instead of blue, named Shazam. Fights in the audience will potentially break out because some popcorn-grubbing philistine fails to use the term "Capitan Marvel."

However, the filmmakers are starting off on one good foot: the official title for the project is Billy Batson and the Legend of Shazam. That lengthy moniker should at least give even the dimmest bulb an idea that there's more to this movie than it being some kind of bootleg Superman. But what should be the tone of the film? And who should it be aimed at?

The nature of the story - goofy kid gets to transform into a superhero just by saying a magic word - appeals to a wide range of boys, men, fanboys and families. And Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson playing Capitan Marvel nemesis Black Adam will bring in what few ladies are that loyal to Johnson's career. But how to tell the tale? Action scenes gotta knock people's socks better than the Neo/Agent Smith finale or Superman Returns did; while the kiddie scenes gotta be cutesy/funny and endearing. (And is it me, or did the Shazam! comics not always have that sort of goofy, 'Archie Comics'-on-steroids atmosphere to them?)

Hearing that another classic comic book is getting its cinematic run is never a bad thing, but in the case of Shazam, I'm thinking it might be best to get my head around it, before the first trailer runs. So: what are your thoughts? (Long rants if you got 'em.)

Source: Comic Book Movie

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