Shazam Movie Secretly Adds 5 New Superhero Actors To The DCEU

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UPDATE: More Info On The Actors Cast as DCEU's Shazam Family

The Shazam movie may have just added 5 - yes, FIVE - new DC superheroes to the DCEU. The arrival of the Shazam Family of heroes is being kept under wraps for understandable reasons, since their arrival will be a major moment. That's assuming the movie plays out like the New 52 version - when Billy Batson's foster family shares in his magic, becoming adult superheroes alongside him.

The best part? DC may have already cast the actors set to play the Shazam Family without anyone noticing. Under the assumption that adult actors set to play each of Billy's foster siblings would have to be noticed all converging on the Toronto Shazam set at once, we did some digging, and believe we've uncovered the full cast list.

What their role in the DCEU may be beyond Shazam is anyone's guess, but if Freddy Freeman, Mary Marvel, and the rest of the Shazam Family are sticking around, here are the actors and actresses fans can prepare to see join DC's movie universe.

  • Adam Brody is Freddy Freeman
  • Michelle Borth is Mary
  • Ross Butler is Eugene
  • D. J. Cotrona is Pedro
  • Meagan Good is Darla

Those are the names that popped onto our radar, first thanks to Toronto celeb-spotter who caught Brody and Butler arriving in town. From there, some lengthy digging into the Instagram accounts of the actors saw this same group of names being followed and re-followed en masse (alongside star Zachary Levi and the film's official account).

The cast is an assembly of strong actors across the board, with Brody perhaps the most surprising since he almost joined a DC movie once with Justice League: Mortal. As the jokester of the group in the comics, Freddy Freeman (Captain Marvel, Jr. in the comics) is a perfect fit. The same goes for Ross Butler of Riverdale and 13 Reasons Why fame.

D. J. Cotrona makes another Justice League: Mortal alum to join the cast, presumably as the adult form of Pedro, a foster sibling of Billy Batson's. The biggest surprises will be Michelle Borth as the adult Mary, known to TV audiences from Hawaii Five-O most recently. True to their younger selves, adult Mary will have the same strength as Shazam - along with a few extra years on both Billy and star Zachary Levi.

Meagan Good (Minority Report) seems the final piece of the puzzle, and if accurate, is a departure from the New 52 version of the Shazam family. There Darla only aged to her early teens, but maybe it takes a grown woman to get across the love Darla actually has to give.

Hopefully, Warner Bros. or the cast themselves will offer up denials, explanations, or official confirmation soon enough. For the time being, what do you think of this secret casting - and when do you think the studio will officially confirm the 'adult Shazam family' is coming to the DCEU?

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Source: MrWillWong, Instagram (1,2,3)

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