Zachary Levi Shares Fan Art Imagining Flynn Rider as Shazam

Two of Zachary Levi's most prominent onscreen roles, Tangled leading man Flynn Rider and the titular hero in the upcoming DC film Shazam!, come together in adorable fan-art. Directed by Annabelle: Creation helmer David F. Sandberg, Levi stars in the movie opposite Asher Angel's Billy Batson, his superhero character's human alter-ego.

Kicking off principal photography last month, Shazam! is next on the production line for the DCEU after James Wan's Aquaman wrapped up filming. Already assembling a slew of actors and actresses that will play the supporting roles to Batson and Levi's dual role, the project also taps in the service of Mark Strong as its main antagonist, Doctor Silvana. Specific plot points about the movie are still scarce at this point but it promises to be a more lighthearted tone than past DC films, but without the quippy one-liners.

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Levi, who has been active on social media, shares fan-art melding two of his most popular big screen characters - Tangled's Flynn Rider (which he just voiced) and DC's Shazam!. The two characters could not be any more different in terms of characterization and quirks, but the illustration alone is really adorable. Check it out below:

Fuuuuuuuuuuunnnnnnnnnn. 😏#Flazam #CaptainFitzherbert (🎨by: @janddrawn 👌)

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While it's fun to see mock-ups, everybody is already clamoring for the unveiling of the Shazam costume. At this point, we've already seen several on-set photos of Levi in the gear, that it's curious Warner Bros. has yet to roll out the official first look at the suit. It's bad enough that fans' first peek at a superhero costume is via some grainy, low-quality snap, but the studios' continued silence on the matter is definitely frustrating.  Sandberg previously said that they are ready to send out photos, and if it was up to him, he'll be debuting them already. Unfortunately, the director has no say on the matter.

However Warner Bros. decides to handle the marketing of Shazam! we hope it's going to be more efficient than the handling of previous DC films, specifically Justice League. The Zack Snyder-directed project was plagued with a lot of controversies with regard to extensive reshoots and the infamous director switch that led to Joss Whedon seeing the film through. But instead of acknowledging these issues, the film studio opted to keep its silence, resulting in more speculations from fans. Considering that a majority of DCEUs fan community is currently unhappy with the way Warner Bros. is running their budding superhero film franchise, they need to prove that they are committed to bringing these characters to life not just because they see them as profitable IPs.

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