Shazam's TRUE Magical Purpose Revealed By DC Comics?

The world of Shazam! is changing in DC's comic universe, with his new series revealing what may be the true purpose of the magical champion. Well, assuming that the newest recruit to The Shazam Family is actually telling the truth, and not secretly Billy Batson's newest enemy.

Our exclusive preview of Shazam #3 begins by raising that very question, after the previous issue dropped the bombshell reveal of "King Kid," ruler of one of the previously unknown magical realms of DC's reality. That twist is just the latest in Geoff Johns' follow-up to his 2011 Shazam origin story, currently being adapted for the DCEU's Shazam! movie. Which raises the question: if Shazam's true purpose has been revealed in the comics... is it also his true purpose in the movies, too?

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That question will be impossible to answer for now, only revealed if and when a Shazam 2 is greenlit. But for now, fans are going to want the explanation for themselves. Because the Shazam Family has not only discovered a magical train station connecting Earth to magical fantasy lands, but the ruler of one such empire, cut off from the world for centuries. His name? King Kid. His realm? The Funlands. His request? That Billy Batson teach him the magical word that unlocks his powers so that there may once again be Seven Champions to protect each of the Seven Magical Realms, as was their ancient duty.

To see the reveal for yourselves, take a look at the preview pages for Shazam! #3 embedded below:

Until now, the exact purpose of the Seven wizards and sorceresses of the Council of Eternity was up for some debate. Their mission was to oversee magic and its users, but the question of their champions was less clear. Was Billy Batson chosen as Shazam, Champion of Magic... or just the Champion of the Wizard Shazam, the last remaining Council member? That last description was the one most fans assumed, but King Kid has revealed the duties held by the rest of the Champions. Even though most of the Seven Realms have yet to be revealed, the implications are clear. Billy may be the protector of Earth, but he could--possibly should--be just one of Seven Champions safeguarding realms, powers, and even unknown people in the other realms, disconnected from Earth when the Wizard Shazam sealed all the doors.

Of course, the arrival of King Kid is too good to be true, and any suspicions readers may have had are basically confirmed by his urgency to acquire the power of the Shazam Family. Will his true motivations be exposed before issue's end, or will he succeed in dividing the six members of Billy's adopted family first? DC fans will need to pick up the full issue on Wednesday to know for sure, but until then, read on for the full synopsis and details below:

  • SHAZAM! (2019) #3
  • Published: February 27th, 2019
  • Writer: Geoff Johns
  • Art: Dale Eaglesham
  • Cover: Dale Eaglesham
  • Variant Cover: Michael Cho
  • “SHAZAM! AND THE SEVEN REALMS” continues! Billy Batson’s world is turned upside down by a figure from the past while Mary, Freddy and the rest of the Shazam Family enter a realm of endless amusements, candy factories and friends in the Funlands! But what’s the catch? Plus, a shocking development within the Library of Eternity!

Shazam! #3 will be available on February 20th, from DC Comics.

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