Shazam Early Reactions: A Fun & Funny DC Delight

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Now that early reactions for Shazam! are finally out, fans can finally find out whether or not the latest DC adaptation lives up to Warner Bros.' unofficial soft reboot of the DCEU. Marketed as the first outright superhero comedy in the current live-action DC universe, the word is that Shazam! doesn't disappoint.

Anticipation surrounding Shazam! has been mostly positive from the get-go. Though it was slightly marred by the DCEU's questionable future following its shaky start, the overall takeaway seemed enthusiastic. Now, roughly three months after the massive success of AquamanShazam! is Warner Bros.' latest attempt to prove that DC can hold its own on the big screen. Whether it managed to succeed and strike lighting twice was the big mystery over the past couple months, but now that the first official early reactions of the film have been revealed, the wait is finally over.

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According to early reactions, Shazam! has managed to do DC proud. Described as being about as fun as it is funny, Shazam! lives up to its source material and pushes DC in the right direction - while also proving that Zachary Levi was the perfect fit for the titular hero. To find out exactly what the critics are saying, enjoy these SPOILER-FREE early reactions

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Considering that the title character's name in the comics is Captain Marvel, it's no wonder that a certain Marvel Studios film was occasionally part of conversations surrounding Shazam!. In fact, it even got to the point where Levi went so far as to ask fans not to pit his character against Carol Danvers in Captain MarvelNow, this fan-made competition was based less around the fact that they share the same name and more in defense of Captain Marvel and its lead Brie Larson, but it nevertheless proved that the Marvel vs. DC war might be here to stay.

Warner Bros. may have struggled a bit in the beginning - save for Wonder Woman - but their last two films have been clear successes. Now, if Shazam! can manage to lock in positive reviews and box office earnings that can stand shoulder-to-shoulder with Aquaman, then the future of DC is all but secure. From there, it all comes down to how well Warner Bros. can sustain this solid streak.

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