Shazam Director Posts Hilarious Shazam/Dumbo Mashup Trailer

Shazam and Dumbo

Shazam! and Dumbo gets a hilarious mash-up trailer shared by David F. Sandberg. Helming the upcoming Warner Bros. and DC movie starring Zachary Levi as the titular character alongside Asher Angel as his human alter-ego, Billy Batson, Sandberg has been pretty active on social media lately now that the film is nearing its release. His latest post features a mock-up video mashing released footage for his film and Disney's live-action adaptation of the 1941 animated classic directed by Tim Burton.

Both movies are scheduled to release in a few weeks, and their respective studios are kicking up their marketing game to make sure that they generate the most buzz that will help put more people in theaters come opening weekend. Disney's project, which boasts a star-studded ensemble cast including Colin Farrell (Holt Farrier), Michael Keaton (V.A. Vandevere), Danny DeVito (Max Medici), and Eva Green (Colette Marchant), however, will release a week early than the DC superhero flick. Regardless, the edited trailer is effectively cross-promoting Shazam! and Dumbo which is never a bad thing.

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Posted by Sandberg on his official Instagram account, the clip mixes footage from trailers and promo spots for both films. Integrated in a way that the overall product still makes sense, fans in the comments section are digging the creation. The filmmaker, on the other hand, captions the video "I just couldn't resist" considering the seamless back-and-forth between Shazam! and Dumbo scenes. Watch it below:

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I just couldn’t resist...

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It took a little bit of waiting before Shazam!'s proper promotion began, with the much-anticipated second trailer only dropping early this week. Prior to that, Warner Bros. relied on shorter TV promos to keep fans anticipation up for the upcoming DC project. Disney, on the other hand had their marketing focused on Captain Marvel starring Brie Larson. But now that the Marvel Studios flick is finally out, the House of Mouse will expectedly shift their marketing efforts to Dumbo before they concentrate on Avengers: Endgamewhich releases just a month after the Burton-directed live-action adaptation rolls out.

Shazam!'s marketing has been handled a bit differently than its DC predecessors, with the film not adhering to standard timetable when it comes to rolling out official publicity materials. Sandberg and even Levi have been very active on social media, keeping their fans engaged and hyped for the arrival of the movie, which seems to be working really well. In hindsight, this is a good change for how Warner Bros. runs their superhero franchise, as it allows people involved in these projects to actually keep in touch with the public. This way, audiences, in some way feel connected with them, and in turn will more likely be interested in seeing their movies. Of course, while marketing is important, nothing is as pivotal as the quality of the film itself. Fortunately, early reactions for Shazam! have been generally positive, further hyping people up for its release in a few weeks.

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