Shazam! Director Shares New TV Spot, Trolls Fans Once Again

David Sandberg and Shazam

Shazam! gets a new TV spot shared by director David F. Sandberg. while he also simultaneously joked about the release of the much-anticipated full trailer for the movie. Starring Zachary Levi as the titular character and Asher Angel as his alter-ego, young Billy Batson, the upcoming film will introduce fans to the newest superhero in the DCEU portfolio. But despite existing in the same universe as Henry Cavill's Superman and Ben Affleck's Batman, it will be a contained narrative fully centering on the dual-personality hero.

Mark Strong plays the film's main antagonist, Doctor Sivana, but he's not the only villain that Shazam! will feature as the Seven Deadly Sins are also expected to appear. With less than two months before the movie hits theaters around the globe, it only has one teaser trailer under its belt. Instead of a full trailer, Warner Bros. has been rolling out a series of shorter promo spots, the latest of which was shared by Sandberg himself.

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Taking to his Instagram account, Sandberg posted the latest spot for Shazam! Running for about 30 seconds, the clip is a mix of old and new footage from the film. Highlighting the fact that the hero is technically a kid in an adult man's body, the video features a hilarious exchange between Shazam and Doctor Sivana with the latter asking about the real age of the hero. In the caption, Sandberg joked that if fans stitch all these spots together, they can finally get the much-clamored for full trailer for the movie. Watch the spot below:

Fans in the comment section liked the clip, most of them lauding its humor, but they're still asking for the full trailer. Over the last couple of months, there were several reports claiming that it was dropping at a specific date and time. It was believed to release at Comic-Con Experience Brazil early in December, but while they debuted new footage, it was not released publicly (its description of the clip made its way online however). It was repeatedly rumoured to drop in January and early this month, it was teased again by producer Peter Safran, but both scenarios obviously didn't pan out. At this point, it's anyone's guess when the trailer's going to arrive.

While the above spot isn't the trailer everybody has been asking for, it offers fans an idea on how the dynamic between Shazam and Doctor Sivana willwork. Unlike usual serious encounters between heroes and bad guys, it seems like it will be funnier with Shazam! especially given how serious Doctor Sivana is compared to Shazam, who's obviously trying to act like an adult. It seems like the villain has an idea how the hero came to be, aware that it's a young boy in a man's physique, the question is whether or not he knows (or will eventually find out) who Billy is. Whether a second trailer for Shazam! is in the cards or not remains to be seen. But considering how well-received its first one was, it's only understandable that fans are looking forward to seeing more of the movie before it fully releases in April.

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