Shazam! Director Pokes Fun At Rumors He’s Been Fired

Shazam! director David F. Sandberg has offered his humorous response to online rumors claiming he has been fired by Warner Bros. Sandberg also recently mocked another rumor stating Warner Bros. had decided to cancel the DCEU, putting the kibosh on their entire superhero universe.

The very-much-still-alive Shazam! is actually in the middle of putting together a cast and crew, the latest news being that Thor: Ragnarok and Aquaman stunt coordinator Kyle Gardiner has joined the production. Based on the long-running DC comic book, Shazam! focuses on the adventures of Billy Batson, a young man chosen by a wizard to become the world's most powerful mortal. By saying just a single word, Batson can transform himself into an adult superhero named Shazam (he used to be called Captain Marvel before Marvel came up with their own Captain Marvel). Angel Asher has been cast as young Billy Batson, while Zachary Levi has been chosen to play the character's superhero incarnation.

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Contrary to online rumors, David F. Sandberg is still in charge of bringing Billy Batson/Shazam to movie screens. On Twitter, Sandberg made fun of very dubious reports of his firing spread by a Reddit board notorious for generating fake news concerning the DC universe.

Reading /r/DCEUleaks on reddit is the best

— David F. Sandberg (@ponysmasher) November 25, 2017

Numerous false reports about drastic Warner Bros. actions regarding their DC properties have surfaced in the wake of Justice League's soft opening. Though it's certainly valid to speculate on what changes the studio might want to make after their big tentpole movie failed to bring in audiences as they hoped, anyone who claims they know anything about what's going on behind-the-scenes there is probably lying.

DC fans have proven they're passionate about the movies made about their favorite comic books, and are willing to go online and complain if they don't believe the films have done justice to the characters. Sandberg says he's ready for any such backlash once Shazam! hits movie screens. He's already shown that he has pretty good game when it comes to batting aside ridiculous rumors of the type that always circulate around major studio franchise films. He can even take a joke directed at him by his own boss, Geoff Johns. All this joking is likely making some Shazam! fans nervous that the movie will be too light-hearted in tone - some already think that after the hiring of Zachary Levi, an actor primarily known for comedy.

One Shazam! rumor that already has been thoroughly debunked is that Dwayne Johnson will be starring in the film as the villain Black Adam. Instead of Johnson, Shazam! has hired Kingsman actor Mark Strong to play the villain Doctor Sivana. It appears now that Johnson's Black Adam will make his debut in Suicide Squad 2, which as of now is still being fast-tracked into production.

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