Shazam! Director Gives His Captain Marvel Toy A Franchise Hopping Photoshoot

Shazam! director David F. Sandberg has taken to Instagram to demonstrate the perils of mixing up your toy lines. Shazam! will be the seventh movie in the DCEU, and it's set to star Zachary Levi as the titular hero (formerly known as Captain Marvel) and Asher Angel as young Billy Batson. The rest of the cast is still being filled out, with shooting scheduled to begin in February.

Sandberg himself made waves in the industry with his first feature length film, the 2016 horror flick Lights Out. He then followed up that smash hit with an even bigger success with last year's Conjuring series spinoff, Annabelle: Creation. Both films debuted to solid reviews and huge box office numbers, combining to rake in over $450 million globally. A few weeks before Annabelle: Creation hit theaters, however, Sandberg decided to dive into much deeper waters, signing on to direct Shazam! for DC's shared universe.

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Sandberg is an active social media user, a habit that's reportedly gotten him into hot water with DC execs. (Don't worry, we're kidding, and so was Geoff Johns.) He's been seen on Instagram goofing off with his Shazam figurines quite a bit in recent months, and he posted his funniest/most disturbing update yet earlier today. Just a heads up, the post below gets super graphic super fast. Apparently Sandberg's Shazam likes to indulge in a bit of hyper-violence every now and then.


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Well, this is apparently what happens when you mix up your toy lines. Confronted with his arch-nemesis Black Adam, Shazam decides to get medieval on his ass. After holding the villain at gunpoint with what looks like a pair of firearms from The Terminator (including the famed .45 longslide with laser sighting!), our "hero" strings Black Adam up and skins/guts him. Things only get weirder from there, as Freddy Krueger himself shows up for a photo-op with shades on. Superman then arrives on the scene, says "Nnnnnnnnope!", and then flies off to safety, leaving Krueger and the former Captain Marvel to snap one last pic with what's left of the guy Dwayne Johnson will soon play on the big screen. Is this Black Adam's punishment for pursuing his own standalone movie instead of starring in Shazam?

Jokes aside, it is pretty disappointing that DC has opted to split Black Adam and Shazam's stories into separate movies. The idea of course is to establish both in hit solo films before making a versus-style crossover, but it's certainly odd that DC's so onboard with making Shazam! with one arm tied behind its back. They must really be confident in what Sandberg is bringing to the table.

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