Shazam: Baby Daddy Actor May Have Auditioned

Casting for the lead role in Shazam! looks to be underway, with Baby Daddy star Derek Theler teasing his long-awaited audition for the role. One of DC's longest developed projects is finally moving ahead with full force. Lights Out director David F. Sandberg joined the project near the start of the year, and recently confirmed that pre-production is underway. With filming set to begin in early 2018, Sandberg has just a few months left to finalize his plans and cast his leads. Shazam! will be in the unique situation where two different actors will split time as the lead.

It has been reported that screen-tests are happening for the role of Billy Batson, while two contenders for the superhero alter ego have been brought to light. Those reported front-runners have already been discounted by certain outlets, but this nevertheless shows that the search for Shazam is on - and it now looks like Derek Theler got a chance to audition.

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Theler, most known for his work on Baby Daddy and also set to star as Mister Immortal on Marvel's New Warriors TV show on Freeform, teased fans late last night on Snapchat that he had a big day ahead of him. Well, he has now provided an update, revealing that he just got out of an audition. While he also said he can't say what the audition was for, he assumed that many would be able to guess as he posted the following photo immediately after - teasing he just auditioned for Shazam!

Theler has long made his interest in playing Shazam known, starting a campaign last year to land the role - at that point, opposite of Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson as Black Adam. Since that time, he's continued to be a name connected to the role thanks to the interest of fans - even though it was never clear whether or not he had an actual shot at the role, before now. If Theler's latest social media postings are indeed indications that he auditioned for the part, then he at least has a chance. Assuming the audition went well (Theler's attitude was rather happy in the videos), then there is a very real possibility he could be joining the DCEU soon.

Casting Theler would be a change from what many have thought DC, Warner Bros., New Line, and Sandberg would do. Since Shazam is not a universally known hero, some thought a big-name star would be cast in the role, to help draw more people to the film. For Theler, the role of Shazam would have real breakout potential (similar to what the role of Star-Lord did for Chris Pratt). Theler has yet to reveal if this was his first audition or possibly a follow-up one (or even a chemistry read) for Shazam, so his future with the project remains very much up in the air for the time being.

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