Shazam Finally Sets Up Justice League Dark in The DCEU

Shazam and Justice League Dark Movie


Warning: This article contains SPOILERS for Shazam!

The Shazam! movie has injected one of the most heartwarming and child-like superheroes into the DCEU, but it may have also opened the door for a team and film franchise Warner Bros. has struggled to get off the ground: the Justice League Dark.

At one time it seemed that Justice League Dark was a DCEU priority, with rumors even claiming that the studio wanted to anchor the franchise to star Colin Farrell as John Constantine. Those plans fell through when multiple directors left the project, which wasn't all that surprising--how do you introduce magic to a world of Batman and Superman? How do you build a team as weird as Justice League Dark in the 'serious' style in place at the time?

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Not only has David F. Sandberg's Shazam! shown the way, but the movie's plot is basically a prequel to a full-blown Justice League Dark movie. Audiences may not have noticed it, but the wizard Shazam giving Billy Batson his powers may be the same moment that new, magical heroes and villains were born across the entire DC movie universe. A new age hinted at in Suicide Squad, now finally under way.

Shazam Makes a Key Change to The Rock of Eternity

DC Comic fans knew going into Shazam! that the Rock of Eternity is one of the most important locations among the magical realm of the DC Universe. In the modern comics, the Rock was once a nexus, or gathering place of all magical energy, wizards, sorcerers, and other mystical energy throughout the ancient history of Earth. In the ongoing Shazam! comic series from writer Geoff Johns (who also wrote the New 52 origin comic that Shazam! is based on) the importance of the Rock of Eternity is spelled out clearly.

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The history lesson does a great job in explaining why introducing the Rock of Eternity--and selecting Billy as magic's new champion--changes the entire landscape of the DCEU. Read it below:

"Centuries ago, the Rock of Eternity was in view for all to approach. And its doors were open to all in need. Its great halls were overseen by the Council of Seven Wizards and Sorceresses who took a vow to protect all magic! Until the Seven Sins were freed by the Dark Champion... and all but one of the Council were slaughtered. The last wizard chose to seal off the Rock of Eternity. And as the Rock became hidden from the world... so, too, did magic. Until a champion was needed again."

Shazam Black Adam Wizard Magic Explained

It's these words which open up Shazam! #1, continuing the story of The Shazam Family (Billy, Mary, Freddy, Darla, Eugene, and Pedro) by teasing just how much may have been unlocked thanks to the wizard Shazam. It's too early to say that this story will be the one upon which the Shazam 2 movie is based, but one significant change was made to the comic book mythology in the movie. According to the wizard Shazam, the Rock of Eternity isn't just the crossroads of DC's magic, but "the source of all magic."

A source that has now been unleashed upon the world. Admittedly, that's the kind of twist that would take every DC fan by total surprise... if Suicide Squad hadn't already warned that DC's age of magic was about to begin.

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