Shazam Movie Suit Includes a Classic DC Character Cameo

DC fans have been able to get a glimpse of the Shazam costume thanks to several behind the scenes photos, and now a closer look at the outfit has revealed what looks like an homage to Tawky Tawny. Shazam! is currently filming in Toronto ahead of its 2019 release date, and while there has yet to be an official image of the titular hero's costume released, several behind the scenes photos and videos from the Shazam! set have emerged over the past few weeks to give fans an idea of what to expect.

The photos of star Zachary Levi in the suit show a costume that is very true to that of the comics themselves; a bright red bodysuit with a white cape, gold boots, a yellow/gold lightning bold on the chest, and gold cuffs and belt. While some fans are unimpressed by the bright costume (which does not follow the existing DC trend of a darker color palette), others feel that it suits the character - a hero brought to life by the magic transformation of a small boy. But there's more to the costume than meets the eye.

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Now, a new batch of set photos (below) have given fans an even better look at the details of the costume; including two tigers on the clasps that hold Shazam's cape. Each of the gold clasps features the same tiger's head motif, which does not appear anywhere else on the hero's costume (that's been revealed seen so far). Fans of the Shazam! comics and the Captain Marvel family may recognize those tiger heads as an homage to another DC character: Tawky Tawny. Take a look:

Shazam set photos

— Shazam (@Shazam_film) March 8, 2018

Tawky Tawny is a talking tiger who was originally a stuffed doll, but who was magically transformed into an anthropomorphized tiger by magical means, and sent to help DC's Marvel family (now known as the Shazam family due to copyright issues with Marvel's Captain Marvel). Tawny wishes to live as human a life as possible, and so dresses and acts like a person, usually wearing suits, occasionally sipping martinis, and working at a museum.

It's not yet known if these tiger details on Shazam's costume are definitely a homage to the sentient tiger, but it's the most logical explanation for Billy Batson's superhero attire including tiger clasps. More interestingly, could this mean that Tawky will be making an appearance in the film itself? Details of the movie are still being kept under wraps, and it's certainly possible that DC will choose to include Tawky in Shazam! in some capacity, especially as the idea of a magical talking tiger isn't too out there for a film about a young boy who magically turns into a superhero. Then again, a talking tiger might be too out-of-the-ordinary for the DCEU at this stage.

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Source: Shazam/Twitter (via CBR)

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