Shazam!’s Chinese Trailer Has Batman v Superman & Aquaman Jokes

Shazam and Aquaman

Shazam!'s Chinese trailer includes brand-new footage, as well as jokes that poke fun at its fellow DC Extended Universe movies Batman v Superman and Aquaman. The DCEU (aka. Worlds of DC) has come a long ways since Zack Snyder kicked off the franchise with his dark and controversial entries Man of Steel and Batman v Superman. Subsequent DCEU superhero movies - most notably, Wonder Woman and Aquaman - have acknowledged Snyder's films, yet taken the universe at large in a different direction, tonally-speaking. That will continue with Shazam!, which is shaping up to be the DCEU's most light-hearted and comedic offering yet.

Indeed, early reactions to Shazam! have praise the movie for its humor and wish-fulfillment storyline, as well as the film's spiritual homages to comedy classics like Big and Home Alone. At the same time, Shazam!'s trailers have combined jokes with footage from the movie's more dramatic set pieces and the aerial fights between Shazam (Zachary Levi) and the film's villain, Doctor Sivana (Mark Strong), as a way to demonstrate its tentpole bona fides. That remains the case with Warner Bros.' newly-released Chinese promo.

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Gavin Feng has posted the Shazam! Chinese trailer online, along with an introduction by Levi and his young costars, Asher Angel and Jack Dylan Grazer. Check it out in the space below.

This Chinese trailer features clips that match the Shazam! trailer description that leaked back in January, but didn't make the cut in the film's second U.S. preview. Most notably, that includes a scene where a young child hums John Williams' classic Superman theme and pits his Man of Steel and Batman action figures against one another (in a BvS nod), while Shazam! and Sivana duel outside his apartment window. Following the trailer's release, director David F. Sandberg (Annabelle: Creation) took to Twitter to clarify that the song humming was added to the trailer and doesn't appear in the movie's final cut. However, the scene itself will be part of the film, which explains why the kid's toys are modeled after their DCEU counterparts.

Beyond that, the Chinese trailer (like the U.S. promos) does a nice job of covering the movie's basic story beats and showing how Billy Batson (Angel) gets his Shazam! powers, while at the same time making room for comedic moments aplenty. Most notably, that includes a funny bit where Billy's foster brother, Freddy Freeman (Grazer), reminds his sibling that a superhero who can talk to fish is nothing to be laughed at and gestures to his Aquaman t-shirt. Now that Arthur Curry's DCEU solo movie is a billion-dollar grossing smash success, it's hard to imagine anyone trying to argue with Shazam!'s superhero savvy sidekick, either.

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Source: Gavin Feng

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