Shazam! CCXP Footage Description: Shazam Meets Dr. Sivana

New Shazam! footage shown exclusively at CCXP teases the first meeting of the title hero and Doctor Sivana. Warner Bros. is starting to roll Aquaman into theaters, which now puts the focus on ramping up the marketing campaign for their most lighthearted superhero movie yet.

Shazam's been described as Big with superpowers, and the first trailer for the movie introduced everyone to how that will work. It'll be accomplished through switching between the teenage life of Billy Batson (Asher Angel) and what he does when he speaks the magical word and becomes the superhero known as Shazam (Zachary Levi). But being a hero means having to face off with a foe, and that will be Doctor Sivana (Mark Strong) for Shazam!. The aforementioned trailer only briefly showed him and Shazam meeting, but additional footage of their encounter has recently debuted.

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Warner Bros. and DC Films traveled to Brazil's major Comic Con, CCXP, and debuted a brand new scene from the movie to those in attendance. Luiz Fernando was one of the lucky fans to attend and see the footage, and shared a description of the scene on Twitter. The scene was solely focused on Shazam and Sivana's first encounter, one that Sivana appears to easily win. Read the description below:

Since this scene hasn't been released online, this description will be the closest those not attending will get to seeing this fight for the time being. That said, the main takeaway from the scene appears to be how it continues to demonstrate the tone of the movie. Sivana is rightfully fed up with Shazam's antics, but that's because he actually is still a kid - despite his physical appearance. The moment that may make DCEU fans the most excited though is Shazam calling out for Superman. There looks to be plenty of DC references packed into Shazam!, so Billy trying to either call for his idol to save him or channel the flight of Superman is a nice moment to tease. Superman was originally going to make a cameo, but that's now unlikely to happen.

The entirety of this scene will likely not be released online anytime soon, but fans could get some glimpses at it through the upcoming trailer. A new poster debuted just a few days ago thanks to CCXP, but Levi also used it as an opportunity to confirm that the new trailer will arrive in early 2019. With so little of Sivana shown in the first trailer, it wouldn't be surprising if the new Shazam! trailer sets him up a bit more. If that does happen, this Sivana and Shazam fight could be highlighted.

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Source: Luiz Fernando

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