Shazam!: Adam Brody & Ross Butler Might Join the Cast [Update]

The Marvel Family appears to have grown in Shazam!. Production is currently underway on a new era for the DC movie universe. Walter Hamada has taken over after the disappointing outing of Justice League, and he's quickly making his mark. While Aquaman next hits theaters, it won't be until April of 2019 where fans get to see his true imprints as he was heavily involved with Shazam. Fans have mostly been left wondering what the movie will be about, especially since the plan to include Black Adam (Dwayne Johnson) was changed.

Instead, Zachary Levi's superhero will take on Doctor Sivana, played by Mark Strong. As most know, Levi's Shazam is just the manifestation of Billy Batson's unusual gift, which could explain his somewhat campy suit. When it comes to Billy's everyday life though, he's a young boy who finds friends in his fellow foster kids. In the comics though, Billy isn't the only one to get powers and it looks like Shazam! is going to introduce that element too.

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Two new reports point to casting that has happened to fill out the Marvel Family in Shazam! According to DC Films Hub, Ross Butler from 13 Reasons Why will play the adult/superhero version of Eugene Choi (Ian Chen). Meanwhile, Heroic Hollywood reports that Adam Brody has joined the cast too. While they didn't share any character details, he could very well play Captain Marvel Jr. aka the adult/superhero version of Freddy Freeman (Jack Dylan Grazer). For now though, neither casting has been officially confirmed. Update: Variety has confirmed Ross Butler's casting.

If Brody and Ross are playing members of the Marvel Family, then they shouldn't be the last casting announcements to come out. The new versions of Mary Bromfield aka Mary Marvel (Grace Fulton), Darla Dudley (Faithe Herman), and Pedro Peña (Jovan Armand) have yet to be revealed. This doesn't mean that the roles haven't been cast yet however, they've simply just yet to be revealed.

As for what role the super-powered versions of these characters will play remains to be seen. In some iterations of the comics, Mary is Billy's long-lost sister who also has the gift to say "Shazam!" and transform. Freddy meanwhile is granted these powers after being wounded by a villain in order to save his life. In other stories though, Mary, Freddy, Darla, Pedro, and Eugene get their powers as extensions of Billy. He is able to gift them these abilities at a moments notice. Mary and Freddy's powers are nearly identical to Billy's, but Darla gets increased speed, Pedro increased strength, and Eugene the ability to manipulate technology with his mind.

However they factor in, Shazam! just became even more powered than it already was. More casting news on the rest of the Marvel Family is sure to come, so stay tuned to Screen Rant for more.

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Sources: DC Films Hub, Heroic Hollywood

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