Shazam & Billy Batson Actors Meet in New Photo

The stars of Shazam!Asher Angel (Billy Batson) and Zachary Levi (Shazam), were photographed together at Justice League's Los Angeles premiere. It might have been a long time coming for the project after ditching its reported earlier narrative that included Dwayne Johnson's Black Adam. But everything seems to be progressing well with the DC villain now rumored to be introduced via Suicide Squad 2 and his own solo movie moving forward.

The new DC standalone project has really started taking shape following Warner Bros. locking Annabelle: Creation helmer David F. Sandberg to direct the movie back in summer. After several weeks of a rigorous casting process, and with fans chiming in with their own picks for the titular roles, the two leads were finally confirmed alongside the announcement that Grace Fulton will also board the project acting as young Billy's friend. Additionally, Mark Strong is being eyed for the project's villain, Doctor Sivana.


With Shazam! set for an April 2019 release date, production is expected to officially begin sometime in February of next year. But before the cast gets to principal photography, Angel and Levi already had a mini get-together documented by a photo shared on DC Comics' official Instagram. Apparently, both actors were invited to  Justice League's star-studded premiere in Los Angeles, Monday Night. Check out the adorable snap below.

Many are wondering how DC Films is planning to execute Shazam's story given the hero's literal dual identities, which makes this character a bit trickier than your average superhero that has a secret alter-ego. Instead of a single actor having two different personalities - one for his normal life persona and one for his world-saving other self - Shazam! will have two actors that will have to technically play one entity. In the end, it will boil down to the performances of the actors, and their ability to successfully sell the concept that they are basically a singular unit. Arguably, the success of the movie hinges on their ability to sell the dual identities of Shazam.

If Shazam! stays on its intended timetable, it is safe to assume that DC Films is already hard at work filling the casting sheet for the movie. With just three months before it enters principal photography, we can expect that more casting news and maybe even an official synopsis will be released sometime soon


Source: DC Comics' Instagram

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