Shazam Director Makes His Own Batman V Superman Mashup Video

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The first glimpse of Zachary Levi as Shazam inspired many meme makers to mock the poster, which depicted the superhero drinking soda through a bendy straw. Now, director David F. Sandberg has joined in the fun, producing a mash-up video that ties the poster into a key scene from Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice.

At the height of his popularity in the 1940s, the hero who became known as Shazam was the only other superhero whose adventures outsold Superman. Originally, a noble-hearted boy named Billy Batson transformed himself into the superhero Captain Marvel by shouting the magic word "Shazam" - both the name given by the wizard who gave Billy his magical powers and an anagram for the mythological figures who lent their powers to Billy. The 2011 reboot of the character in the comics, which was part of DC Comics' New 52 Initiative, formally changed the name of Billy's superheroic alter-ego to Shazam. This was done because most people already tended to call the character Shazam, due to an agreement with Marvel Comics that prohibited DC Comics from using the name "Captain Marvel" in any advertising involving the character.

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Sandberg posted the parody video to his official Twitter account (see below). The video reimagines a classic moment from the earlier DCEU film with a humorous twist.

The brief clip starts with a scene where we see a family trapped on a roof by rising floodwaters. They have painted the crest of The House of El - the stylized S-like symbol that means "hope" in the Kryptonian language - on their roof in the apparent hope of getting Superman's attention. The mother of the family then becomes awestruck, looking up at a familiar caped figure who comes into view, hovering overhead. We then move to a close-up of the figure, only to see that it is Levi's Shazam and the dramatic music fades to be replaced by the noise of someone loudly slurping soda through a straw, as the nonplussed Shazam looks on.

While this comedy may be lost on some, it cannot be denied that if anyone has the right to join other merry pranksters in mocking the poster of Zachary Levi as Shazam, it is Sandberg. If nothing else, it bodes well that Sandberg is maintaining a sense of humor about the whole thing and can laugh at his own work. Given that Shazam is a more light-hearted character than most of DC Comics' heroes and concerns over how the tone of the film might fit in with the generally dark vibe of the DC Extended Universe, it seems that Sandberg was the right man to bring the legendary hero to the big screen.

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