Shazam! Star Asher Angel Officially Wraps Filming

Asher Angel's time filming Shazam! is officially done. Warner Bros. hasn't had the easiest time getting their DC movie universe off the ground, but they look primed to change that. Aquaman is the next DC movie to hit theaters, with Walter Hamada now heading up WB's DC Films banner. In fact, it was actually Hamada's involvement with Shazam! that landed him his new job. His collaboration with director David F. Sandberg helped craft what looks to be the most fun DC movie yet.

The premise of Shazam! alone puts in prime position for a comedic take, as teenager Billy Batson (Angel) gains the ability to transform into a fully-grown, adult superhero. It also gives Angel less of a burden to carry as the lead of the movie since Zachary Levi plays the other half of the titular hero. There's yet to be an official look at the film beyond a logo, but its star is now done filming.

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Asher Angel posted a photo on social media today with Zachary Levi confirming that he has wrapped production on Shazam!. The young star shares how thankful he is for this opportunity and thanks the entire crew that has helped make Shazam! possible. Take a look:

That’s a wrap on Shazam! What an experience - so lucky to learn from the many talented, encouraging and generous professionals both in front of and behind the camera. It truly takes a village. I can’t wait to share and see you all soon! @ShazamMovie

— Asher Angel (@AsherAngel) May 7, 2018

Its easy to see why Angel is so excited to be done with Shazam!. This is his first major movie role after spending time on TV with Andi Mack. The project is a big step in his career and a major learning experience, if nothing else. That feeling was probably common on set too with Sandberg making the leap from horror flicks like Lights Out and Annabelle: Creation to a major superhero movie.

The timing of Shazam! wrapping up production falls right in line with the early production schedules. So, while this isn't a total surprise that is coming to a close, its another sign that everything related to Shazam! has been progressing smoothly. There's been no bad buzz or reported troubles, which gives this DC film a leg up on most of the other installments that have been plagued by bad PR over the past few years.

While it isn't totally clear yet if the entire production for Shazam! is done, Angel isn't the first cast member to wrap production. His fellow young cast members previously shared they were done filming too. Once the production is officially finished, then it will hopefully be only a matter of time before more details on the movie are released. The studio has yet to release an official look at Levi as Shazam despite several set photos surfacing. Unless that look comes when the entire cast and crew is wrapped, the wait for such a reveal may last till SDCC this summer.

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