DC's Shazam! Casts Annabelle: Creation Actor

Warner Bros. casts Annabelle: Creation actress Grace Fulton in David F. Sandberg's upcoming 2019 DC Comics movie, Shazam!.


Grace Fulton is reportedly set to join DC's Shazam! as one of Billy Batson's friends. Warner Bros. officially launched their DC cinematic universe (unofficially known as the DCEU) with Zack Snyder's Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice in 2016, and they are continuing that film's story with Snyder's Justice League later this month. James Wan's Aquaman is the next DC Comics movie to release, with Shazam! being the next DC film on the docket to enter production.

Shazam! has been in development since 2014, with Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson originally joining the movie as the villainous Black Adam. However, the film only recently started to move forward when Lights Out and Annabelle: Creation director David F. Sandberg boarded the project this past summer. And now, mere days after Zachary Levi was officially cast as the eponymous superhero, former Green Lantern actor Mark Strong is reportedly being eyed to play the villain, while Fulton has entered talks to play one of Batson's friends.

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Variety reports that Fulton, who previously worked with Sandberg on Annabelle: Creation, is in negotiations to join DC's Shazam! as one of Batson's childhood friends, though an exact name wasn't given.

While we know that Fulton will be playing one of Batson's friends, it's also possible that she could be playing someone related to the Shazam's (formerly known as Captain Marvel) alter-ego, such as Mary Marvel, aka Mary Willow Batson and Mary Bromfield (her adopted name). She is one of Shazam's bigger supporting characters, being Billy's twin sister and a member of the Marvel/Shazam family. If Fulton is, in fact, playing Mary Marvel, then that could give fans an indication of the age-range New Line Cinema is looking at for their Billy Batson. Fulton is 21 years old, but she could easily portray a teenager, which means so could the other lead male star, which would go against the traditional pre-teen ages for the characters.

However, it's also worth noting that the New 52 versions of the Shazam family depict Mary Marvel as the oldest Batson sibling, meaning the studio could still be looking at a younger Billy Batson, which would be in-line with the audition tapes that leaked online this past summer. Unfortunately, it might be sometime before any concrete details release regarding these characters. But considering that Sandberg and New Line are pushing forward with casting, it's possible that an official announcement regarding Shazam!'s confirmed cast could come by the end of the year.

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Source: Variety

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