• Seen Shazam but confused by the post-credits scenes? We're here to help! 1 / 9

    Shazam! Movie Poster
  • The mid-credits scene sees Dr. Sivana in a jail cell trying to find a way back to the Rock of Eternity. 2 / 9

    Shazam Villain Dr Sivana Vertical
  • He's approached by Mister Mind, an alien worm with plans to take over the Seven Realms. 3 / 9

    Shazam Villain Mister Mind Vertical
  • Sivana and Mister Mind will be the villains of Shazam 2... 4 / 9

    Shazam! Dolby Cinema Movie Poster
  • And not Black Adam as some expected. Dwayne Johnson's character will get his own solo movie. 5 / 9

  • Shazam's credits feature drawings of the Shazam family interacting with the Justice League. 6 / 9

    Justice League New 52 Vertical
  • The post-credits scene makes a joke about how awesome Aquaman is! 7 / 9

    Jason Momoa as DC's Aquaman
  • Shazam's post-credits scenes show how the future of the DCEU is now a lot brighter. 8 / 9

    Shazam! comic book art
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