Shazam's After-Credits Scenes Explained

Shazam Joins The Justice League In The Credits (Sort Of)

While not really a scene as such, the first stretch of Shazam's closing credits are rendered in an animated style that showcases the Shazam Family interacting with members of the Justice League. These brief snippets include Darla (the fastest of the six young heroes) easily outrunning a clearly exhausted The Flash and Billy stealing the Batmobile to drive Wonder Woman to his prom, with a frantic Batman being dragged behind them as he desperately clings to his Bat-Grappling Gun. Perhaps the funniest of these clips shows Billy setting up a line to take pictures with his fans, only for his line to be eclipsed by the people waiting to get a selfie with Aquaman.

What Happens In Shazam's Post-Credits Scene

Shazam Movie Post-Credits Scene

Shazam's post-credits scene seems to be a leftover clip from earlier in the movie when Billy and Freddy were trying to figure out what superpowers Shazam has and their limits. The scene shows Billy and Freddy in their room, with Freddy holding a video camera and Billy holding a bowl full of goldfish. Billy talks to the goldfish and asks them a few questions, looking to them expectantly as if waiting for an answer.

A quick glance at Freddy's log-book confirms that the two boys were testing to see if Billy had Aqua-Telepathy or some other power to command sea life. Clearly frustrated with Freddy's commitment to testing for every possible superpower he can think of, Billy asks Freddy when talking to fish has ever been useful. Freddy's wordless response is to gesture to his chest and the T-shirt with the logo for the Aquaman movie that he is wearing.

Aquaman Is Now A Legend In The DCEU

Jason Momoa as Aquaman

While Shazam's post-credits scene is a funny riff on how the general public used to respond to Aquaman before his live-action movie revealed Arthur Curry as the badass he is, it's also the first indication we have of how the surface world responded to the events of the Aquaman movie in the DCEU. With Atlantis revealed to the world and Aquaman acknowledged as their king after leading the effort to stop his brother's warmongering, Arthur Curry is apparently a major hero in the eyes of the world at large and popular enough to have his own logo t-shirts like Superman.

It's a surprisingly subtle method of conveying the point, given how over the top Shazam! is in most regards, but it does help to further expand the DCEU in a new direction.

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