Shawn Ryan's 'The Last Resort' Lands 'Casino Royale' Director

After creating The Shield, Shawn Ryan has been attached to some of television’s best dramas, but his new series The Last Resort could well be his biggest undertaking to date. To help realize the scope of the project, director Martin Campbell has signed on to helm the pilot - despite the fact ABC has yet to issue a green light.

Because ABC reportedly has a substantial pilot commitment in regards to the series, Ryan and the crew he is assembling are merely waiting for the order to come in, as all signs suggest that it is a question of "when" the network will order the pilot, not "if."

The concept of The Last Resort should make it one of the more tantalizing dramas being considered by the alphabet network. Taking place in the near future where the world sits on the brink of nuclear war, the series centers on a U.S. submarine crew who become hunted after refusing an order to launch the nuclear weapons aboard the vessel. In an intriguing twist, instead of leading a chase that circumnavigates the globe, the crew head to a NATO outpost where they assert themselves as the world’s smallest nuclear nation.

As if the involvement of Ryan weren’t tantalizing enough, perhaps the key element will be the inclusion of Campbell as director and executive producer – which, after the misfire that was last summer’s sci-fi comic book flick, Green Lantern, would be a return to a more grounded sense of action.

Despite the maligned superhero effort, Campbell is best known for delivering two of the best entries in the James Bond catalog with GoldenEye and Casino Royale, as well as action hits like The Mask of Zorro and Vertical Limit.

Directing and producing duties on The Last Resort will be a homecoming of sorts for the filmmaker. Campbell’s career began in television, most notably with the award-winning BBC television drama Edge of Darkness that he later refashioned into the 2010 film of the same name, starring a post-outburst Mel Gibson.

Certainly, this is good news for followers of Ryan’s brand of television, which includes the aforementioned FX drama The Shield, as well as the loved, but under watched Terriers (also on FX) and the similarly short-lived FOX series The Chicago Code. In addition to The Last Resort, however, Ryan is also said to be working on a procedural drama for CBS with former Criminal Minds writer Simon Mirren.

While The Last Resort certainly sounds enticing, it will be interesting to see how such a concept fares on ABC, should the network decide to go ahead with the series. Currently, ABC is home to content of a more soapy nature, with the likes of freshman shows Revenge and Once Upon a Time, as well as long-running dramas Grey’s Anatomy and Desperate Housewives.

Perhaps an addition like The Last Resort will not only signal a shift in the network’s direction, but also make a more appropriate accompaniment for the network’s upcoming Marvel Comics TV series, Incredible Hulk and A.K.A. Jessica Jones.


Screen Rant will be sure to report on the development of The Last Resort, as news becomes available.

Source: Deadline 

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