Shawn Levy May Direct 'Frankenstein' For Fox; Off 'Fantastic Voyage'?

Forget about vampires, Frankenstein is the new hotness in Hollywood and every studio is getting on board. Matt Reeves is directing This Dark Endeavor for Summit Entertainment. Sony is planning a contemporary take on Frankenstein. Guillermo del Toro has talked about a Frankenstein movie. The list goes on and on.

Now, we can add one more name to the list of people bringing Mary Shelley's tragic horror tale to the big screen. According to reports, Shawn Levy (Night at the Museum) is attached to direct a Frankenstein film for Twentieth Century Fox.

Deadline has the scoop that Levy is attached to the film, writing that while Levy has numerous potential projects, Frankenstein is likely going to be his next film. Eagle-eyed Screen Ranters may recall that Levy was recently attached to James Cameron's Fantastic Voyage remake. However, as we reported last week, Levy's involvement in that film was called into question if he couldn't get Will Smith to star as his lead.

Though we have no official confirmation regarding Fantastic Voyage, Levy's attachment to Fox's Frankenstein project suggests that Smith may have passed on the film. If that is the case, then it would be a major setback for Fantastic Voyage, which will have seen Paul Greengrass and Levy both leave the project.

As for the Fox Frankenstein project, there are no specific details on the project, other than the fact that it's being scripted by Max Landis (the son of Hollywood legend John Landis). More than anything, Fox simply wants to get ahead of the numerous other Frankenstein projects in the works.

Whether you're a fan of his other films (mostly big-budget comedies) or not, there's no denying Shawn Levy is a hot young director in Hollywood and the fact that he's got so many options in front of him is a testament to his skill. It will be interesting to see how his next film, the inspirational robot boxing movie Real Steel, fares at the box office and with critics. Real Steel hits theaters on October 7th, 2011.

Source: Deadline

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