Real Steel & Stranger Things Director Helming Sci-Fi Film The Fall

Shawn Levy (Real Steel, Stranger Things) is directing a sci-fi film titled The Fall, which sees a couple face aliens to save their children.

With Real Steel and Stranger Things already on his resume, director Shawn Levy is looking to add another sci-fi project to his body of work, with The Fall. Levy has a busy schedule at the moment, seeing as he's involved with the development of everything from Stranger Things season 2 to the Uncharted video game movie adaptation and even a new Sesame Street movie. Nevertheless, Levy is looking to add yet another significant item to his to-do list.

The Fall is based on a Pete Bridges script that was obtained by Amblin studios last year, with an expectation of it being made into a blockbuster film, featuring high-concept thrills and a family orientation. The story sees a freshly-divorced and dysfunctional couple racing from the city to save their stranded children in the suburbs, whilst in the midst of an alien invasion. As well as marauding extra-terrestrials, they have their own personal problems to deal with on the road-trip.

Deadline is reporting that Levy will also produce and oversee a possible rewrite of The Fall's script before it heads into production. It marks the first time that Levy has worked with Amblin since the successful Hugh Jackman robotic spar-fest Real Steel, and hopes are high for a similarly fruitful collaboration here - especially as that film opened at No.1 at the box office in eleven different countries and had a worldwide taking of nearly $300 million.

Shawn Levy and Hugh Jackman on the Real Steel set

Bearing in mind that Levy is just coming off on a high from directing 4 episodes of Stranger Things and has been linked to such projects as Starman over the past year (among others), his shooting diary must be pretty full to capacity  with the large amount of prospective projects he has been linked to,. Nevertheless, he still seems keen to take on directing duties for The Fall.

There is no news yet on casting or even a release date, but Levy has shown a sturdy hand when dealing with productions of this sort - and a return to his partnership with Amblin points to a confident production, once the cameras start to roll. Bridges himself is an Australian writer, whose first script (Resurface) made the Hollywood Black List for best unmade films, and is said to resemble an underwater version of The Martian.

It's difficult to get more excited or read too much into the forthcoming film as it stands at the moment, and we have no idea about visuals or actors as of yet. Given that there are already films (and TV series) with the same title, it's also worth wondering as to whether a title change may occur along with a rewrite. But given the talent that is already behind the film, it's safe to say that this is certainly a production that's worth keeping an eye on whilst it's still in development.

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We'll keep you updated with more information about The Fall as it becomes available and development continues.

Source: Deadline

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