Fully Shaved Chewbacca Is The Most Horrifying Thing Ever

Chewbacca in Star Wars

The Star Wars franchise has presented Chewbacca as a friendly, oversized stuffed animal, but fully shaved he becomes one of the most horrifying thing ever. Thanks to an artist from New Delhi giving everyone's favorite co-pilot a questionable (and terrifying) makeover, there is now that much more nightmare fuel in the galaxy.

Since his debut in A New Hope, Chewbacca has proven to be a fan-favorite in the Star Wars universe. From smuggling contraband in the Millennium Falcon alongside Han Solo to helping destroy the Death Star and taking down the Empire, Chewbacca has imposing strength, unparalleled resilience, and unyielding loyalty. Still, that doesn't change the fact that his likability has just as much to do with his personality as it does his physical appearance. And when New Delhi artist Gautam Trivedi drew a realistic - albeit hairless - depiction of Chewie, he proved that this Wookie is far more approachable when he looks like a "walking carpet."

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Trivedi is a web design and development consultant who uses his free time creating original pieces of art, sometimes inspired by his love of film. In this case, he was inspired by his love of Star Wars. He posted the illustration to his Twitter page, revealing some pronounced details from the character that have been otherwise hidden by his traditionally long coat of hair. What's most horrifying is the lack of proportional features, including his small ears, pinched eyes, and elongated skull. From a profile angle, his snout is especially unsettling, with the mouth jutting out beyond the length of his nose and looking less like a Wookie and more like a faux-realistic character from The Simpsons.

Fully shaved Chewbacca. Deal with it.

— Gautam Trivedi (@KaptanHindustan) April 15, 2018

As likable as he may be, Chewbacca has some interesting features, most of which are noticeably dog-like. In fact, during the 2017 Star Wars Celebration in Orlando, George Lucas openly admitted to basing the character's physical features off his own pet dog at the time, Indiana. The dog was a Alaskan Malamute who, just like Chewie, would typically sit in the front seat anytime he rode shotgun with Lucas on car rides. Incidentally, that very dog inspired the name of Indiana Jones (who is later discovered in The Last Crusade to have derived his nickname from his pet dog of the same name).

Chewbacca easily ranks alongside characters like Yoda, the Ewoks, and even The Last Jedi's Porgs as one of the more adorable non-human characters in the Star Wars universe. But without all the bells and whistles that make him so endearing in the first place, he starts to lose his luster. That said, as Star Wars reminds audiences time and time again, heroism is often derived from the least likely individuals, even if said individual looks like something out of a nightmare.

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Source: Gautam Trivedi

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