'Shaun the Sheep' Teaser Trailer #2: Sheep in the City

Shaun the Sheep trailer

Wallace and Gromit is by far Aardman Animation's most famous creation and usually the first example that comes to mind when you think stop-motion animation. Sadly, with the declining health of Wallace's voice actor Peter Sallis, creator Nick Park has announced that Wallace and Gromit is unlikely to continue.

Wallace and Gromit are definitely a tough act to follow, but Aardman Animation has since given another of their characters a chance in the spotlight: Shaun the Sheep. First appearing in the Oscar-winning Wallace and Gromit short “A Close Shave”, Shaun quickly became the star of his own spinoff show called simply, Shaun the Sheep.

The television series often sees Shaun (a sheep who's brighter than most) and his other barnyard friends attempting to liven up their boring lives by mimicking humans, and usually failing by some hilarious means. Shaun's fascination with human behavior isn't so easily swayed however, and in his first full length feature film - also titled Shaun the Sheep - he and his flock will travel to the big city where they'll need all the help they can get blending in and avoiding capture by animal containment.

A short teaser for the film had released previously, but this second teaser gives a better impression of just what sort of adventure Shaun will go on. Check out the latest teaser trailer above.

Shaun the Sheep trailer

Much like we've come to expect from Aardman Animation, Shaun the Sheep will feature plenty of the studios' irreverent humor, mostly at the expense of sheep trying to blend in while visiting the big city. With a main cast composed almost entirely of sheep, there won't be much in the way of traditional dialogue. A lot the humor will likely come through sight gags, which is thankfully something Aardman manages better than most.

Shaun the Sheep has already proven quite successful in the UK, spawning its own spinoff series aimed at even younger audiences. Time will tell whether or not Shaun can charm audiences worldwide as well, but judging from its teasers and Aardman Animation's reputation as a premiere purveyor of stop-motion animation, Shaun's on track to be their next big star.

Shaun the Sheep opens in UK theaters on February 6th, 2015; a U.S. release date may be announced sometime in the year ahead.

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