Shatner: No Cameo Offer In New Star Trek Movie

Is it me or does it increasingly seem that William Shatner is to the forthcoming Star Trek "requel" (reboot and prequel) what Mark Millar is to the Superman reboot movie: Constantly talking smack just to get attention/press (i.e. publicity stunt)?

The latest chapter in "Shatner-Gate" comes from this video - part of a new series of video blogs called The Shatner Project:


Everyone's favorite ham (chatting along with his daughter Liz) rebukes claims made by director J.J. Abrams that they tried to work out a cameo for him, but he balked at the offer demanding more screen-time:

"JJ, nobody every came to me and said ‘we have a cameo.’ Maybe you wrote it, but it never presented itself to me. But the truth is I wouldn’t have wanted to do a cameo, because that you would have clipped that out. It doesn’t fit. You said in your statement you were having trouble fitting it in anyway. But nobody every asked me and I am just sorry that I am not in your wonderful movie and I would have loved to have been in it."

So, the Shat just admitted that he wouldn't have accepted just a cameo.

That's interesting considering how co-writer and co-producer Roberto Orci confirmed (via the Comments section on Trek Movie) that the Shatner cameo was in fact written and that the sequence would be posted online after the film's release.

To be fair though, Shatner might be telling the truth. We just don't know. There's obviously more to this than we're hearing from either side.

That said, this probably won't be the last we hear about the subject.

Star Trek beams across theaters on May 8, 2009.

Source: Trek Movie

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