Sharlto Copley is God in Neill Blomkamp & Oats Studios' Serengeti

Neill Blomkamp's Oats Studios has released yet another short film online from Volume 1 of his experimental movie-making venture. But we're breaking from a pattern now, and this one is a 4-minute-long comedy short as oppose to a 20-minute sci-fi horror. It's a whimsical tale called God: Serengeti, which shows an unorthodox view of the supreme being at the dawn of mankind, and he'll look very familiar to fans of Blomkamp's work.

Oats Studios is now well into its schedule of short movies, with two impressive 20-minute movies called Rakka (an alien invasion with Sigourney Weaver taking it to the enemy) and Firebase (a Vietnam war movie with monsters and advanced weaponry). In a few days we can expect the decidedly gruesome looking Zygote, which has been preempted already with a teaser. In between these substantial offerings, Oats Studios is releasing 2-3 minute skits, which land on the side of all-out comedy and provide filler material as viewers wait for the main attractions. Cooking with Bill was dropped online 2 weeks ago (a silly infomercial spoof, where a TV chef gets too close to the lethal "Damasu 950" kitchen appliance). And now we have a new short-short to view online.

Available to watch via the Oats Studios Channel on YouTube (or Steam), the new offering depicts God himself lounging in a comfortable drawing room, flanked by a butler named Jeffrey. God looks a lot like Sharlto Copley (District 9) in a massive beard, and speaks with an upper-class British accent. He's reading a manual of some kind ("Bit technical ... but there's a good recipe for Black Holes"), as packs of elephants and groups of Neanderthals wander around on the table in front of him. Pesky early-man keeps on distracting him, though, and even invents fire 200,000 years ahead of schedule. They still amuse him at the end of the day, but not enough to prevent him from slipping into some seriously Old Testament behavior.

Sharlto Copley in God Serengeti

It's a brief but amusing comedy sketch basically, which would totally feel at home in a Monty Python show, or in a Douglas Adams (The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy) book. Copley hams it up wonderfully and slips in a few (possibly improvised) asides like "I must shrink their brains again." There's not much substance to it, but the concept and the fact that there's a subtitle suggest that Blomkamp might move God's viewpoint to another area or time in a later short, which would be fun. The special effects for the tiny characters fits in nicely with the concept and are animated well, making it feel like a genuine God-Simulator game.

Whereas the 20-minute films are genuine tests for feature-length projects, these minor shorts are obviously just made for a bit of fun. We could definitely see Copley taking over from Morgan Freeman in some omnipresent roles, though. We'll keep you updated with further developments when the next production follows God: Serengeti and rolls forth from Blomkamp's Oats Studios.

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Source: Oats Studios

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