Sharknado 6 Will Include Time Travel, Dinosaurs & Noah's Ark

The plot for Syfy's Shaknado 6 (full title TBA) involves time-travel, according to the first synopsis and poster for the Syfy TV movie sequel.

Sharknado 6 is right around the corner, and now we have some truly wild plot details about the sixth installment in the infamously cheesy Syfy franchise. The summer 2018 TV event will apparently include time travel, dinosaurs, and Noah's Ark, among other things.

Sharknado was not supposed to become a national treasure. It was a silly TV movie wherein a bunch of pretty people with lackluster acting skills struggle to survive the preposterous amalgamation of a school of sharks and a tornado, hence the name. Viewers latched on to the ridiculously campy fun of the film, making it a bona fide hit, and revitalizing the previously waning career of star Tara Reid. Since then, the movie has spawned four, soon to be five sequels, becoming a silly yearly tradition for Syfy fans.

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Bloody Disgusting has now revealed the (wild) plot details for the sixth Sharknado installment. After losing his family to the deadly sharknados, Fin (played by Ian Ziering) discovers the ability to travel through time using the sharknados as a sort of portal. His mission is to bring his family back to life through the powers of time travel and/or prevent the threat of the terrifying fish funnels altogether. In a new spin on Sharknado 5's world-traveling plot, Fin's time traveling will bring him in contact with all manner of legends and historical figures. You can read the full synopsis below:

“All is lost, or is it? Fin unlocks the time-traveling power of the SHARKNADOS in order to save the world and resurrect his family. In his quest, Fin fights Nazis, dinosaurs, knights, and even takes a ride on Noah’s Ark. This time, it’s not how to stop the sharknados, it’s when.”

Poster art has been revealed in advance of the film's summer release (see the photo of the poster, featured above), and shows Ziering wearing a black leather jacket and holding a chainsaw, clearly ready for battle.

Reid will return to co-star with Ziering, along with Cassie Scerbo as Nova Clarke. Details on celebrity cameos have yet to be revealed, nor has the film's tongue-in-cheek subtitle. The franchise is infamous for shoehorning popular celebrities into sarcastic roles throughout the films. Everyone from Fabio to Bret Michaels and Margaret Cho made an appearance in Sharknado 5, so we can expect some equally big (and surprising) names to be attached to the upcoming sequel.

The Sharknado franchise has embraced its fanbase with enthusiasm. Sharknado 2: The Second One gained its subtitle through a Twitter contest garnering over 5,000 submissions from fans. The cast has been very vocal about their appreciation for the fans, giving them full credit for the franchise's success.

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Sharknado 6 premieres July 25, 2018 on Syfy.

Source: Bloody Disgusting

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