Sharknado 5 Official Title & Special Cameos Revealed

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Details about Sharknado 5, including the official title and special guest cameos, have now been revealed. Asylum and Syfy have turned their intentionally ridiculous and schlocky Sharknado series into an annual summer tradition, upping the ante on their signature absurdity with each passing installment. This summer, Sharknado 5 hits Syfy and as you would expect the bar is being raised yet again. Or lowered, depending on your point-of-view.

The first two Sharknado movies had relatively modest ambitions when it came to depicting the carnage unleashed by shark-filled tornadoes, but in Sharknado 3 things got really wacky when the action went into outer space and ended on a cliffhanger that was ultimately resolved via fan vote. Sharknado 4 brought things back to earth, but introduced a travelogue flair by whipping up sharky mayhem all over the United States.

In the fifth Sharknado, things are going global, a fact that is reflected in the movie's just-announced official title Sharknado 5: Global Swarming. The tagline for the movie, chosen after fans submitted their best ideas via social media, is "Make America Bait Again!." The official synopsis sounds exactly as absurd as you would expect:

In SHARKNADO 5: GLOBAL SWARMING, the mission gets personal for Fin Shepard (Ian Ziering) and his bionic wife, April (Tara Reid) when their young son gets trapped in a traveling ‘nado and transported all over the world. From London to Rio, Tokyo, Rome, Amsterdam and beyond, our globetrotting heroes will seek assistance from a highly-skilled squad of royals, scholars and Olympians, enlisting famous faces from news, entertainment, and sports in their most epic battle yet.


Sharknado wouldn't be Sharknado without a bevy of cameos by celebrities who, to put it kindly, aren't exactly on the A-list these days. The list of Sharknado 5 cameos features the usual assortment of musicians, reality stars, TV personalities and miscellaneous sort-of-famous people:

  • Fabio (Model) as the Pope
  • Tony Hawk (Professional skateboarder) as a masterful weapons operative strategist
  • Clay Aiken (Musician) as Llewelyn, a cutting edge technology genius
  • Olivia Newton-John (Musician) and daughter Chloe Lattanzi as Orion and Electra, two brilliant scientists who help defend Australia from a looming Sharknado
  • Bret Michaels (Musician) as a visiting artist that gets trapped in the storm
  • Margaret Cho (Comedian) as a fussy bride whose honeymoon is interrupted by sharks
  • Charo (Musician, Comedian) as The Queen of England
  • Gilbert Gottfried (Comedian) as storm chaser Ron McDonald
  • “Today” hosts Al Roker, Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb as themselves
  • Olympic diving medalists Greg Louganis as Zico, a high-end art thief, and Tom Daley as himself
  • Olympic freeskiing medalist Gus Kenworthy and NBC News investigative correspondent Jeff Rossen as themselves
  • Porsha Williams (“The Real Housewives of Atlanta”) as Andromeda, an archeologist and member of the elite “Sharknado Sisterhood”
  • Tiffany “New York” Pollard (“Flavor of Love”) as Vega, a Brazilian black market artifacts dealer
  • Chris Kattan (“Saturday Night Live”) as The Prime Minister of England
  • Cat Greenleaf (“Talk Stoop”) and Dan Fogler (“Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them”) as themselves
  • Ross Mullan (“Game of Thrones” White Walker) as Dr. Wobbegon, a scientist who has made breakthroughs in meteorological studies to track Sharknado storms

In addition to series regulars Ian Ziering and Tara Reid, also returning from prior Sharknado movies are Cassie Scerbo, Masiela Lusha and Cody Linley. Syfy will unleash Sharknado 5: Global Swarming on August 5th, 2017.

Source: Syfy

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