'Shark Night 3D' Clips: Cheesy B-Movie Cliches & Bikinis Galore

shark night movie clips

Is there any point in even discussing the "quality" of Shark Night 3D?

Well, there is, in the sense that you probably want to know: Is Shark Night a monster B-movie that celebrates it own trashiness (a la Piranha 3D) or is it one of those horror flicks that fails to recognized its own innate cheesiness - and ends up being bad in a not-fun way?

Based on the Shark Night 3D trailer and the recently-released collection of clips, the answer seems to be "a bit of both." It has the same setup as Piranha - pretty, no-name actors and actresses on vacation get chomped up by killer fish (here, rare fresh-water sharks) - and director David R. Ellis (Snakes on a Plane, the second and fourth Final Destination movies) was clearly aware that he was shooting a "glorified" exploitation flick when he made this.

The acting in Shark Night 3D looks as hokey as you'd expect, but it also seems like the film could've used some more experienced stars, similar to those in Piranha 3D (ex. Elisabeth Shue, Ving Rhames, Christopher Lloyd) who really have that self-aware, tongue-in-cheek style down pat.

With that said - enjoy the following clips from Shark Night 3D (via MTV and Yahoo! Movies) for all their delicious goofiness:




Here's a fun drinking game idea for those planning to either watch Shark Night 3D at home, or by sneaking some sort of intoxicating beverage (heck, even plain soda will work) into the theater: take a shot every time a gratuitous camera angle of a woman in a bikini or a horror movie cliché (ex. when the sharks go after the token black guy first) pops up. Be careful, though, you'll probably pass out after the first ten minutes.

There is one big factor working against the film: it's Rated PG-13. Seriously, what's the point of releasing a movie called Shark Night 3D if you've not going to go the whole nine yards and feature tons of R-Rated gore and nudity? It's not as though it's difficult to hit the lowest-common denominator, when you're aiming for it.


Shark Night 3D arrives in 2D and (you guessed it) 3D theaters around the U.S. on September 2nd, 2011.

Source: Relativity Media (via MTV and Yahoo! Movies)

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