Shaq-Fu DLC Lets You Play As Obama & Fight Kanye West

Shaq Fu: A Legend Reborn releases next week on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC, but more interesting than Shaquille O'Neal's return to virtual martial arts might be the game's first DLC pack. Called BarackFu, the additional story appears to star none other than former United States President Barack Obama. Well, for legal reasons it will officially involve "Dirty Barry," but the references make it quite clear who it is based upon.

Despite being a follow-up to the widely panned 1994 fighting game Shaq FuA Legend Reborn plays completely differently and is a 3D brawler. Much like the Atari VCS, the game was successfully crowdfunded on IndieGoGo. It focuses on basketball star Shaquille O'Neal as a martial artist that has to save the world. It's definitively a wild premise, but the game doesn't take itself all that seriously.

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While the DLC has not been officially announced, the trophies for BarackFu give us some additional details about what to expect (via PSN Profiles). Players can become the "Commando-in-Chief" by defeating 300 enemies, and can use an attack called the "Barack n' Rolla." Dirty Barry's fight will also lead to a confrontation with a Kanye West-inspired character called Con-Ye, and players will get a trophy called "The Death of Pablo" for beating the artistic mind behind The Life of Pablo.

Other confirmed boss characters include Marine Le Pig and an Automated Assassin. There's also some aspect of world travel going on as players get a trophy for boarding "the Black Knight Satellite," which appears to be an aircraft according to the icon that accompanies the description, and players can use a baguette as a weapon, so it's a safe bet that the action probably heads to France. Clearly, Dirty Barry is going on quite the adventure.

The regular plot for Shaq Fu: A Legend Reborn is already ridiculous, so it's pretty impressive that the developer managed to conjure up something even more absurd for the DLC. It's also fitting that Barack Obama will finally get to settle the score with Kanye West, as the former president famously called the rapper a "jackass" while in office. West, who just released a new album called Ye today, also recently criticized Obama for not doing more for Chicago, which serves as hometown for both men. Shaq Fu looks to be completely ridiculous in all of the best ways.

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Source: PSN Profiles

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