The Shape of Water Final Trailer: Michael Shannon is the Real Monster

Guillermo del Toro's latest directorial effort, The Shape of Water, gets a new, and final, red band trailer. Del Toro's upcoming film, which he directed and co-wrote with Vanessa Taylor (Divergent, Game of Thrones), has been building buzz over the last few months with screenings at various film festivals - and even won Best Picture at Venice Film Festival - ahead of its official rollout next month. The movie's December release date, first in limited and then wide release, indicates Fox Searchlight has positioned The Shape of Water as an Oscar contender.

The Shape of Water trailers have so far teased del Toro's different kind of fairy tale that follows a woman falling in love with a mysterious creature being held at the facility where she works. Early reviews for The Shape of Water have largely praised the director's latest work, indicating he may have another fantastical hit on his hands akin to Pan's Labyrinth. However, for those who haven't been able to catch The Shape of Water just yet, Fox Searchlight has unveiled a new red band trailer in order to preview the upcoming del Toro flick.


A princess without voice. A love beyond words. And the monster that tried to destroy it all. Watch the final trailer for The Shape of Water – NOW PLAYING in select theaters & in additional cities starting 12/8. Tickets on sale now:

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The new red band trailer for The Shape of Water can be viewed above, further teasing the romance in del Toro's monster romance film. The Shape of Water stars Sally Hawkins as Elisa Esposito, a mute woman who works as a janitor at research facility in early 1960s Baltimore. Hawkins is joined in the film by Octavia Spencer as Elisa's friend Zelda, Michael Shannon as Elisa's boss Colonel Richard Strickland, Michael Stuhlbarg as scientist Dr. Robert Hoffstetler, and Doug Jones as the creature - dubbed "the asset."

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As evidenced by this latest trailer for The Shape of Water, del Toro's upcoming film will mix unconventional romance with a political thriller steeped in Cold War-era paranoia - and contains plenty of violence for a film the director says was inspired by The Creature From the Black Lagoon. With the release of this trailer, buzz continues to grow for The Shape of Water, which many critics are calling one of the best films of 2017. Of course, while the movie has been making the film festival rounds, it won't see a wide release until the second week of December (though it will open with a limited release the week prior).

The Shape of Water Has Fish/Human Sex Scene

As such, many moviegoers won't get a chance to see del Toro's latest work for a couple weeks yet - and there are a number of high profile movies debuting over the next two months, including Justice League and Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Still, given all the speculation about The Shape of Water being a serious contender at this year's Academy Awards, movie fans may want to make sure to check it out - especially if this latest trailer for the film piques their interest.

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