Shape of Water Retro Trailer Shows Creature From the Black Lagoon Inspiration

A fan made 50s style retro trailer showcases how Creature from the Black Lagoon inspired The Shape of Water. It is Oscar Sunday and moviegoers are on the edge of their seats waiting to find out if their favorites win, if they take home first place in the office Oscar pool, and whether there will be as exciting a faux pas as last year's Best Picture mix-up.

One nominee that seems to have a good shot at the Best Picture award is The Shape of Water, a romantic monster movie about a mute woman falling in love with a humanoid sea creature and trying to save him from torturous experimentation in the lab where she works as a janitor. The film already racked up an impressive series of awards and nominations, including the Producers Guild Award for Best Picture and the DGA Top Feature Award. Fans of the movie are enchanted by its stunning visuals and beautiful love story between two characters who can't talk, but who still understand each other perfectly.


And some fans have used their love of the movie to make some pretty creative projects. The YouTube channel 80's Style Trailers released a fan trailer for The Shape of Water that makes the film look as though it was made in the 1950s by infusing elements of the movie that inspired it - Creature from the Black Lagoon. By making the footage black and white, and grainy, and incorporating audio from the trailer for Creature from the Black Lagoon this fan trailer turns the modern movie into a blast from the past.

The Shape of Water

Released in 1954, Creature from the Black Lagoon was a later entry to Universal's long list of monster pictures. It told the story of a group of scientists and explorers searching for the remains of a newly discovered sea creature. They find one of the creatures is alive, and it attacks violently, killing several members of the expedition and abducting the one woman in the group after falling in love with her. The Shape of Water of course also tells the story of a sea creature falling in love with a human woman. The difference this time is that she loves him back. It also changes the perspective of the film, showing the creature as a victim of human cruelty who is capable of gentleness and love.

Soon fans of The Shape of Water will find out the results of the 13 Oscars the movie is nominated for. In the meantime, this trailer amusingly helps the time until then move a little bit faster.


Source: 80's Style Trailers

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