The Shannara Chronicles is Traveling Through Time

Will (Austin Butler) meets a younger version of his father, Shea, in a promo for back-to-back episodes of The Shannara Chronicles.

Wil Shannara Chronicles S2

The Shannara Chronicles is moving to a new timeslot next week with back-to-back episodes, which will somehow reunite Will (Austin Butler) with his father, Shea.

With the Dagda Mor finally destroyed, a new threat has presented itself in the form of Bandon (Marcus Vanco), who seeks to resurrect the Warlock Lord. The Warlock Lord was defeated decades ago by Shea, using the ancient weapon known as the Sword of Shannara. Now, it will be up to Will to take up the Sword of Shannara and defeat the Warlock Lord once again, aided by the Druid Allanon (Manu Bennett) and Mareth (Malese Jow).

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A promo for next week's back-to-back episodes, "Paramor" and "Crimson", features a shocking appearance from a young man who reveals himself to Will as Shea Ohmsford. Also in the trailer, we see Will unleashing the power of the Elfstones and Will clashing with Bandon in a sword fight. Spike has released synopses for both episodes:

Wil Shannara Chronicles S2

"Paramour" - Will and Mareth confront a powerful Bandon.

"Crimson" - Will and Mareth race against time to recover an item in uncharted territory.

The descriptions indicate that it is the sixth episode, "Crimson," which will show Will meeting a young Shea. A "race against time" in "unchartered territory" could be some form of time travel. It's possible that an artifact needed to defeat the Warlock Lord is either destroyed or cannot be found in the present, forcing Allanon or someone else to send Will and Mareth back in time to retrieve it.

In last night's episode, titled "Dweller", Will, Allanon, and Mareth traveled to Palanor to find Shea's burial place, the location of the Sword of Shannara. The search led to Will experiencing a painful memory of his father beating him as a child after finding Will playing with the Sword of Shannara. When Will finds the body of Shea, Will expresses anger with his father over abandoning them, but also admits that he now understands what Shea went through.

Meeting Shea could allow Will to learn even more about his past, as well as his experiences with magic. Will could see a new side of Shea that will forever change his perception of his father. It could be that Will will also encounter younger versions of Flick and Allanon, along with Shea's companions who accompanied him on his quest to defeat the Warlock Lord.

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The Shannara Chronicles continues with "Paramor" and "Crimson" on Wednesday, November 8, at 10pm on Spike.

Source: Spike

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